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Noun1.Tatu - about three feet long exclusive of tailtatu - about three feet long exclusive of tail
armadillo - burrowing chiefly nocturnal mammal with body covered with strong horny plates
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He added, "We are also very proud to be associated with the Tatu City urban development and Kiambu County, which is an ideal location for Unilever's longer term strategic growth plans.
The Chinese engineering company will establish infrastructure for water, sewerage and temporary road works for Tatu City's development.
Feumaidh mi a-nis feitheamh gun ruig mi aois Dhaibhidh Dimbleby, a fhuair a chiad tatu aig aois 75.
It was a horrible bout with Berry trying to box and Tatu holding and grabbing.
Indeed, Tatu City, which will provide homes for 62,000 people, will be developed over a long period in 10 phases and its continued construction will rely upon investor and customer confidence.
The group decided to kick off the massive development project on an over 20 hectare plot of land in Tatu mountain area, which it acquired 20 years ago, mainly in view of the emerging business opportunities triggered by the merger of Taichung City and County and the effect of the cross-Taiwan Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA).
The old Tatu, with its clean lines and double-height ceiling, certainly did well.
Lena Katina (left) of the pop-dance teen duo Tatu, as quoted In the U.
Referring to popular music acts noted for their Sapphic sympathies, the story continues: "These girls pack Ani DiFranco concerts and know tATu lyrics by heart.
Russia's state-controlled Channel One television launched a protest against the results of this year's event, claiming Russian entry, saucy teenage pop duo Tatu, may have been robbed of victory.
It said Russia's entry, the controversial teenage pop duo Tatu, were robbed of possible victory after receiving 'unlikely low points' from certain countries.
In third place was provocative Russian duo Tatu who sang Don't Believe, Don't Fear, Don't Ask.