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Chemical isomerism characterized by facile interconversion of isomeric forms in equilibrium, especially by migration of a hydrogen atom.

tau′to·mer (tô′tə-mər) n.
tau′to·mer′ic (tô′tə-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
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In this work, the electronic properties related to tautomeric forms of compound 2 and isomeric forms of compound 3 were investigated using DFT (density functional theory) B3LYP/DFT 6.
Absolute configuration and tautomeric structure of xylindein, a bluegreen pigment of Chlorociboria species.
Background: Garcinielliptone FC (GFC) is a tautomeric pair of polyprenylated benzophenone, which has proven to have antiepileptic, cytotoxic and antioxidant activity.
A tautomeric form of curcumin enol is in solid and solution phase is the most stable.
Curcumin can exist in at least two tautomeric forms, keto and enol.
Focusing on the most common case--the transfer of a proton or hydrogen atom--chemists build a bridge from the basic knowledge discussed in other textbooks and specialized scientific papers, to the results of recent findings and ongoing research into tautomerism, tautomeric compounds, and methods for studying them.
This situation can arise in the event of a tautomeric shift (transient rearrangement of a nucleotide base structure, allowing for non-canonical pairing) right as the polymerase comes by.
2004) Artificial genetic systems: exploiting the "aromaticity" formalism to improve the tautomeric ratio for isoguanosine derivatives.
UV absorbers use a Tautomeric mechanism which allows long-term activity.
Other results coming from Schiff bases incorporated into macrobicyclic structures (23) or crown ether (24), (25) confirmed that the fluorescence emission mechanism generated through complexation is strongly influenced of the nature of metal cations, these affecting the keto-enol tautomeric equilibrium of the ligand.
Two tautomeric forms of losartan, an angiotensin II receptor antagonist, are studied by using a hybrid Hartree-Fock density functional theory (DFT) method at B3LYP/6-31+G(d) and 6-3 11+G(2d,p) levels.