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 (tə-vûr′nə, tä-vĕr′nä)
A café or small restaurant serving Greek food.

[Modern Greek, from Medieval Greek tabernā, from Late Greek, from Latin taberna; see tavern.]


1. (Commerce) (in Greece) a guesthouse that has its own bar
2. (Cookery) a Greek restaurant
[C20: Modern Greek, from Latin taberna]


(təˈvɜr nə, -ˈvɛər-)

n., pl. -nas.
a café or restaurant in Greece.
[1945–50; < Modern Greek tabérna, Medieval Greek, Late Greek < Latin. See tavern]
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Both this man, as well as a 57-year-old, also from Georgia, had fled the scene after three gunmen walked into a Limassol taverna and fired shots at Leonides, killing him.
THREE brothers have brought "a little piece of Greece to Teesside" with their take on a traditional Taverna.
The two own adjacent properties, wlocated at 1001 Third Avenue and 200 East 60th Street, which currently house City Cinemas 123 and Anassa Taverna.
The Greek Taverna in Upper Bangor was opened by brothers George and Vasilis Politis back in the 1980s after they left Greece to seek new opportunities.
Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BW, (0)151 706 0707 Bacchus Taverna CUSTOMERS say: "This beautifully authentic little restaurant, never fails to hit the spot
Contract notice: Fuel supply for the needs of the fueling station taverna port.
The restaurant has been designed in the style of a taverna, and the owners believe that guests will feel like they are in someone's home in an island in Greece.
So the 62-year-old was delighted when a rep from business transfer agents RTA visited the Aegean taverna and said after 10 minutes, without even examining the accounts, that it could sell for PS160,000.
Octopus and a Greek salad would be my meal ahead of a lazy afternoon in a beachside taverna.
Kerry is to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at Villa Taverna later today to discuss developments of situations in Palestine, Jerusalem, and entire Middle East region, in addition to Ukrainian and Syrian issues, as well as proposals to launch new initiatives to the UN.
Below, reached only by the narrowest of 30 degree roads, are a succession of magnificent tiny coves with crystalclear waters, small pebble beaches and, invariably, a waterside taverna.
According to the BBC, the attack saw a suicide attacker detonate explosives outside the gate of the heavily fortified Taverna du Liban, and then two gunmen entered the restaurant and started shooting.