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 (tə-vûr′nə, tä-vĕr′nä)
A café or small restaurant serving Greek food.

[Modern Greek, from Medieval Greek tabernā, from Late Greek, from Latin taberna; see tavern.]


1. (Commerce) (in Greece) a guesthouse that has its own bar
2. (Cookery) a Greek restaurant
[C20: Modern Greek, from Latin taberna]


(təˈvɜr nə, -ˈvɛər-)

n., pl. -nas.
a café or restaurant in Greece.
[1945–50; < Modern Greek tabérna, Medieval Greek, Late Greek < Latin. See tavern]
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Most Corfiots speak English to some degree and until recently cricket was played on a square of turf in the middle of Corfu Town (locals complained about smashed car wind-screens and balls hurtling into the tavernas around the ground, so the teams have upped stumps and moved to the resort of Gouvia, north of town).
The three-hour trip takes in the fishing village of Perdika with its friendly tavernas around the harbour.
The golden beaches are well equipped with tavernas, sunbeds and umbrellas and at the height of the summer the Ionian sea is like a warm bath.
Buses cover the island, there are plenty of modest tavernas and anyone can head to the beaches to catch the island's spirit.
In tavernas and small cafes you should get a good three-course meal with wine for around pounds 12 a head.
The island is full of tavernas, right, and windmills, above What a view.
Ten years ago the harbour had one or two Greek tavernas, now there are none, or certainly none that could genuinely call itself Greek.
4&5 You can't beat Crete for beaches, friendly tavernas .
Greasy breakfasts are out in favour of nights in local tavernas sampling exotic foreign fare.
So you have no excuse but to venture out and try the local tavernas.
Derelict houses are done up for holiday accommodation, villagers convert rooms into attractive, if rustic, apartments, the grocery stores sell local produce, the tavernas buy their wine locally, there's a village taxi and even a car hire firm.
The largest and liveliest is Laganas where you can take your pick from the many bars and tavernas.