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 (tăv′ər-nər), John 1490?-1545.
British composer and organist best known for his Masses and motets.


1. (Commerce) archaic a keeper of a tavern
2. obsolete a constant frequenter of taverns


(Biography) John. ?1495–1545, English composer, esp of church music; best known for the mass Western Wynde, based on a secular song


(ˈtæv ər nər)

the owner of a tavern.
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Planned Parenthood has enlisted the support of Bill Taverner, executive director of the New Jersey-based Center for Family Life Education and editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Sexuality Education.
Rob Taverner, 32, was dressed as the superhero while Nyssa Pratten, 19, was dressed as Jessica Rabbit.
Around 1510 or 1520, when John Taverner wrote his now-famous parody mass on the popular song "The Westron Wynde," the practice of using a popular melody as the cantus firmus for a Mass settting had yet to gain a real foothold in England, although it was already widespread in continental Europe.
SYDNEY, Australia -- Woolworths this year solidified its lead in Australia's retail liquor market with the acquisition of the Taverner Hotel Group.
STUART Turner the headmaster at Glyn School in Ewell, Surrey expelled two boys after they had bombarded PE master Steve Taverner, 54, with malicious phone calls and threatened to harm him.
You might not expect Pam Taverner, a language arts teacher and part-time curriculum coordinator in a suburban Kansas high school, to know a whole lot about urban or rural "low-performing" schools--aside from the usual tales of impoverished "at-risk" students, ancient facilities, and poor parent involvement.
Smart Squall and the Robert Armstrong-trained Taverner Society were among six vying for the lead approaching the furlong-pole.
The music is tonal, but in a somewhat slippery way, and although it is quite beautiful in its own way it does not necessarily fit comfortably alongside the works by Taverner, Desprez and de la Rue.
They were expelled by headmaster Stuart Turner after bombarding PE teacher Stephen Taverner with 40 calls threatening to kill him.
SMART SQUALL (John Reid) and Taverner Society (Gary Carter) challenge for the Grand Prix de Clairefontaine today, but the pair appear to face an uphill task, writes Desmond Stoneham.
So this little more than a souvenir of night, although it will be greeted with by Taverner fans As the Requiem lasts a little half an hour, the disc also includes two works recorded in Philharmonic Hall, where the sound is true.
Hugh Benham, arguably one of the most notable Taverner scholars, has provided an intensely detailed study of Taverner's music in the publication under review.