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The news that Channel 5 is currently trawling some of the more deprived parts of South Wales for what will almost certainly be an even tawdrier version of the programme is enough to fill any licence fee-payer with dread.
Though soap operas typically rely on the tawdrier emotions--envy, spite, lust, and revenge--to propel their plots along, in Downton it's the characters' finer feelings that get things going.
That's perhaps in part because, beyond being unwieldy, the business-insider aspect has been downplayed, the better to emphasize the program's tawdrier elements.
But the story it tells, a completely beguiling mix of sexual obsession, media frenzy, and middle American lunacy, is much tawdrier.
Darcourt is working for himself and his new targets are celebrities, the tawdrier the better.