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adj. taw·dri·er, taw·dri·est
1. Gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance. See Synonyms at garish.
2. Shameful or indecent: tawdry secrets.
Cheap and gaudy finery.

[From tawdry lace, lace necktie, alteration of Saint Audrey's lace (sold at the annual Saint Audrey's fair, Ely, England), after Saint Audrey (Saint Etheldreda), queen of Northumbria, who died in 679 of a throat tumor, supposedly because she delighted in fancy necklaces as a young woman.]

taw′dri·ly adv.
taw′dri·ness n.
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Noun1.tawdriness - tasteless showinesstawdriness - tasteless showiness      
tastelessness - inelegance indicated by a lack of good taste


[ˈtɔːdrɪnɪs] N [of place, town] → chabacanería f


n (of jewellery, decorations etc)ordinäre Protzigkeit; (of story, idea)Geschmacklosigkeit f; the tawdriness of her appearanceihre billige und geschmacklose Aufmachung
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This is an unmagical kingdom, a zone of tawdriness and transience, of strip clubs and strip malls, knock-off souvenir shops and soft-serve ice cream shacks.
In the tawdriness and ridiculousness and whining that politics here has been reduced to and reduced itself to, we may well be stumbling towards finding out what happens when no one can form a government.
popor de Impopotonari, coloane oficiale, opulism [of tawdriness, official convoys, opulence] (5 occurrences)
Media attention has been so intense not only because of the tawdriness of the campaign but because the stakes were so high.
The tawdriness of the scene seems to sum up the fate of this European import, originally intended as a method of bodily and mental healing, in the United States.
This sublime retrospect draws its power from its coming at the book's end, after Fitzgerald has exposed the tawdriness and tragedy of even the most poetical American hopes.
Neighbour and poor relation, it is nothing but asphalt, tawdriness and poverty.
Blackmur, the American autodidact and critic, called the "new illiteracy," performed acts of ever increasing tawdriness and cruelty.
It is a great picture of the tawdriness of Yalta, the defeated hopes of an elderly population labouring under a kleptocracy.
Or whether, considering the occasional tawdriness of whites' behavior toward minorities in centuries past--displacing Indians, enslaving Africans, deporting Chinese--there is cause to worry about race relations once the shoe is on the other foot.
If one thinks of the outer circumference of our terribly overgrown towns where the jerry-builder holds sway; where one sees all around the tawdriness of sham jewellery and shoddy clothes, pawnshops and flaming gin-palaces; where stale fish and the Covent Garden refuse which pass for vegetables are offered for food - all such things suggest to one's mind the boundless regions of sham.
Bruen deliberately juxtaposes this disappointment in the Church--its obsession with money, its tawdriness, its dishonesty, its failure to provide comfort--with an unexpected meeting, on the steps of the church, with an old friend, Janet, who "uttered the closest thing to an Irish benediction.