tax boost

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: boost - the amount by which taxes are increasedtax boost - the amount by which taxes are increased; "a tax increase of 15 percent"
increment, increase - the amount by which something increases; "they proposed an increase of 15 percent in the fare"
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The changes bring off-shore buyers in-line with UK residents, in a spirit of 'fairness', whilst providing a much needed tax boost to the Exchequer.
A major tax boost for capital investment and further tax breaks for research and development projects were analysed by Wheawill & Sudworth managing director David Butterworth (left), who said: "This is further good news for local businesses looking to build and invest for the future,.
The tax boost would encourage people to quit smoking rather than switch from more expensive to cheaper brands, and help to stop young people taking up the habit, say the scientists.
Income tax boost as beer price cut and petrol rise is abandoned THERE was good news and gloom in the Chancellor's latest Budget Annual price rises for beer were axed and a penny knocked off the price of a pint.
Federal lawmakers have struggled to gain traction on a gas tax boost, NSSGA notes, while transit advocates were said to be eager to see how an increase in the gas tax would play out on a local level as a precursor to a push at the federal level.
As soon as this year's allowance is invested it will start to receive its tax boost but the longer a delay investing throughout the tax year, the smaller the boost it will receive.
6million last year after a tax boost the previous year.
The new Macy's will not only provide an added sales tax boost for Victorville, but it also will serve as a magnet for other great retailers to come to this outstanding property.
Tourism officials and hotel managers in Chicago said they understood Mayor Rahm Emanuel's decision to propose a 1 percentage point increase in hotel tax, but aired fears that at some point a continued tax boost would drive consumers away.
Tax boost for mergers Entrepreneurs' relief tax being doubled to pounds 10 million will spark renewed interest from businesses teetering on the edge of selling their firms, according to experts in the city.
IDA Executive Director Sandy Mathes said the project will also translate into a significant tax boost for the county.
The Lib Dems are promising a pounds 700 tax boost for millions of taxpayers by raising the National Insurance threshold to pounds 10,000.