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Plural of taxon.
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In principle, the origin of both species and higher taxa among prokaryotes should entail similar mechanisms ecological interactions with the environment paired with natural genetic variation involving lineage-specific gene innovations and lineage-specific gene acquisitions.
A diverse group of 216 herbaceous and woody taxa were evaluated in the extensive (growing depth of 3 to 6 inches) to semi-intensive (growing depth of 6 to 8 inches) green roof garden.
Significantly, these taxa and just a few others are from isolated deposits east of the Western Interior Seaway.
The mean color grades determined by WMG and the assistant for backs and undersides of the three taxa differed significantly for four of the six overall comparisons (3 taxa X 2 body aspects).
The 10%A tax was introduced from in 2013 by the previousA GERBA government (2009-2013), incorporating earnings onA interestA into Bulgaria's flatA taxA rate policy.
In marine beach habitats, nematodes tend to be the most thoroughly researched psammic taxa (e.
It comprises conodont zones based on the most relevant taxa described by Walliser: the Oz.
In waters where didymo is abundant, macroinvertebrate taxonomic composition tends to shift from a highly diverse assemblage of large-bodied taxa (e.
Changes in community structure resulted from decreased abundance for some of the dominant riffle taxa (e.
What better way to organize our knowledge of these insects than in a catalogue with taxa arranged based on phylogeny.
Further study of the mechanisms of the proliferation of the specific bacterial taxa will help understand their role in the health of this organism and their importance in the ecosystem they inhabit.
The pollen record between 47 700 and 30 000 cal a BP generally shows much higher representation of upper-montane taxa compared with the Holocene, indicating often significantly reduced temperatures.