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Plural of taxon.
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Prevalence of taxa of Pasteurellaceae among populations of healthy captive psittaeine birds.
Our study includes 5 taxa out of 10 naturally growing taxa in Turkey: C.
A taxa de desemprego diminuiu e o nivel de formalizacao cresceu em praticamente todo o territorio brasileiro.
Antecedentes y Objetivos: Los estudios ecoanatomicos permiten estimar la respuesta de los taxa a distintos factores ambientales.
This paper reports the chromosome numbers of eleven Turkish Fritillaria taxa from seventeen populations along with their karyotypes and ideograms.
This book catalogs all recognized taxa of the beetle family of Dytiscidae, predatory aquatic insects also known as diving beetles.
Comparative anatomical study on eight Scilla taxa (S.
Migration from the hyporheos is generally not considered to be a valid colonization source for ephemeral stream channels, since the water table is generally quite deep below the streambed; however, aestivating/ diapausing life stages within the dry streambed could establish new populations of a few taxa (e.
A diverse group of 216 herbaceous and woody taxa were evaluated in the extensive (growing depth of three to six inches) to semi-intensive (growing depth of 6 to 8 inches) green roof garden.
A diverse group of 216 herbaceous and woody taxa was evaluated in growing depths from 3 to 8 inches.
A characterization of anemophyllous taxa in the region was undertaken and variation of pollen production recording during 3 consecutive years, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and to determine the effect of weather parameters on daily pollen concentration.
O objetivo da pesquisa foi verificar qual o nivel de perda hidrica e a porcentagem da taxa de sudorese em atletas nadadores adolescentes durante um treino agudo aerobico.