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n, pl -men
a male taxi driver


(ˈtæk si mən)

n., pl. -men. Chiefly Brit.
a taxi driver.
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Noun1.taximan - someone who drives a taxi for a livingtaximan - someone who drives a taxi for a living
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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D'apres les informations du Soir, le taximan l'aurait identifie lors d'un [beaucoup moins que] tapissage [beaucoup plus grand que] parmi les suspects de l'attentat.
Contractor address : Majestic House, 160 A Prem Chaya Building, LBS Marg, Besides Rock On Boutique, Besides Taximan Colony,
La ou il va, dans chaque pays qu'il visite, il lance de grands projets et c'est bon pour l'avenir de ces pays, a dit Kevin Bossongo, un taximan gabonais.
Chanelle tweeted of their arrival in Dublin on Saturday ahead of the festival; "Got into taxi at Dublin Airport and taximan said to us, 'Did you hear McCoy is retiring'.
As to the charge, he had no intention of wounding the taximan.
The best kind of taximan could be rather like that.
Taximan Steve Lindsey huddersfield examiner Most discussed stories on Facebook Noise, dust, disturbance and vandalism: Residents living next to Spring Grove sports centre works complain to Kirklees Council Can''t see how the site is responsible for theft and vandalism.
The taximan fought his attackers off, but as he grappled with the three men outside the car he was punched to the ground, kicked and stamped on.
I don't intend to raise my family on the Canadian dole," the taximan replies; "The poor suckers that fall for that baby bonus stuff' do not see that they will pay it all back in increased taxes.
Learning the trade of the taximan the hard way, forced to confront street thugs and worse, Spike survives hardship after hardship.
Gone was the sand coloured desert, instead vivid kaleidoscopic fish clustered around us, and coral beckoned from what the taximan had told us was 'the bridge,' as we swam around the edges of an unimaginable blue stretching into depths that had never been determined.