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US and Canadian a trolley from which tea is served. Also called (in eg Britain): tea trolley

tea′ wag`on

a small table on wheels for carrying articles for use in serving tea. Also called teacart.
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Noun1.teacart - serving cart for serving tea or light refreshmentsteacart - serving cart for serving tea or light refreshments
serving cart - a handcart for serving food
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In addition, respiratory therapists took a teacart to nursing units to reinforce proper technique for inhaler use with patients.
A witch's spell station steals the scene in the kitchen, with bottles filled with potions on a refinished teacart.
Guy Chaddock & Company debuts the perfectly-proportioned Tufted Slipper Chair and English Country Teacart, and Ferguson-Copeland offers most elegant of storage options, the Villa Margarita Credenza and the Cortona Chest, among its new case goods.