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Noun1.teacher's certificate - a certificate saying that the holder is qualified to teach in the public schools
certificate, credential, credentials, certification - a document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts
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He obtained an Elementary Teacher's Certificate and moved to Manila in 1956 to teach at Kamuning Elementary School in Quezon City for the next 26 years.
Ensuring a teacher's certificate is automatically revoked if he or she has been found guilty of sexual abuse or acts relating to child pornography
The automatic revocation of a teacher's certificate upon conviction would also be helpful, he said.
After taking his finals, winning a major prize in his FRCO exams, and obtaining his Music Teacher's Certificate (now PGCT E), Andrew next took up the appointment of director of music at St Mary's in Warwick, "where I learned much about vocal technique, diction and blend and trebled the size of the choir's repertoire".
While teaching, she earned her high school teacher's certificate from the University of the Philippines in 1922.
Paul University, Ottawa, an Ontario Teacher's Certificate, a diploma in education from McGill University, and a B.
After getting a teacher's certificate, he returned to China in 1921 to become the principal of the mission school in Fracheng, his birthplace.
Comparison of mean scores across 4 qualification groups (Basic qualification, main education stream, Teacher's Certificate Higher course and arts stream) was done using Kruskal Wallis test.
She scrapped her intended career in social work and went on to complete the course work that allowed her to earn her teacher's certificate, completing her student teaching requirement while her girls were at school.
Both Mark and Aaron testified that Colleps told them not to tell anyone about their encounters or she would get in trouble and lose her teacher's certificate.
In 1967 he graduated from University of Hawaii with a professional teacher's certificate in secondary education.
To be successful in the qualification, candidates first have to pass the BHS Horse Knowledge, Care and Riding Stage 3 - the Preliminary Teacher's Certificate - and submit a fully completed Coaching Portfolio or log 500 hours of teaching.

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