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1. Filled with or accompanied by tears: tearful eyes; a tearful farewell.
2. So piteous as to excite tears: a tearful melodrama.

tear′ful·ly adv.
tear′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.tearfulness - sadness expressed by weepingtearfulness - sadness expressed by weeping  
sadness, unhappiness - emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being
بُكاء، إمتلاء العُيون بالدَّمع
táraflóî; tárarennsli
ağlamaklı olma


(tiə) noun
a drop of liquid coming from the eye, as a result of emotion (especially sadness) or because something (eg smoke) has irritated it. tears of joy/laughter/rage.
ˈtearful adjective
1. inclined to cry or weep; with much crying or weeping. She was very tearful; a tearful farewell.
2. covered with tears. tearful faces.
ˈtearfully adverb
ˈtearfulness noun
tear gas
a kind of gas causing blinding tears, used against eg rioters.
ˈtear-stained adjective
marked with tears. a tear-stained face.
in tears
crying or weeping. She was in tears over the broken doll.
References in classic literature ?
Seated with his back towards her on a sofa which stood against the wall on a line with the door by which she had entered, she saw Will Ladislaw: close by him and turned towards him with a flushed tearfulness which gave a new brilliancy to her face sat Rosamond, her bonnet hanging back, while Will leaning towards her clasped both her upraised hands in his and spoke with low-toned fervor.
Ah--that's owing to an accident--a misunderstanding; and we won't argue it," Tess answered, with tearfulness in her words.
Over time, symptoms develop such as insomnia, irritability, tearfulness, being accident-prone, becoming cynical and defensive, finding fault and having feelings of not being able to cope.
Commonest are mood changes, irritability, tension, tearfulness, depression, abdominal bloatedness, breast pain, backache, headache and an overall lack of energy and motivation.
Unhappiness, tearfulness, irritability and weight loss are all important tell-tale signs of this common condition that affects around one in 10 of us at some time.
Alcohol is a depressant and you may find that mixed with those familiar symptoms of hangover, such as a headache and a stomach upset, you may have feelings of sadness and tearfulness.
PMS can involve more than 150 symptoms including depression, irritability, tearfulness and outbursts of anger.
The psychological symptoms can be anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, loss of confidence, tearfulness, lack of motivation and a general loss of concentration.
It includes problems such as heightened irritability, tearfulness, anxiety and depression along with tender breasts, sugar cravings, water retention and bloating.
Typical symptoms include tearfulness and low mood, lethargy and fatigue, disturbed sleep, a craving for carbohydrate, loss of desire for sex, depression,guilt and despair.
Mood swings, depression, irritability, anger, tearfulness, loss of confidence and feelings of worthlessness.
Symptoms vary from person to person but irritability, tearfulness, poor sleep, loss of appetite and a general disinterest in life are common early warning signs.