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adj. tear·i·er, tear·i·est
a. Filled or wet with tears: teary eyes.
b. Of or resembling tears.
2. Causing weeping: a teary movie; a teary goodbye.
3. Inclined to weep: He becomes teary when he reminisces.

tear′i·ly adv.
tear′i·ness n.


adj, tearier or teariest
1. characterized by, covered with, or secreting tears
2. (Physiology) given to weeping; tearful
ˈtearily adv
ˈteariness n


(ˈtɪər i)

adj. tear•i•er, tear•i•est.
1. tearful: a teary farewell.
2. of or like tears.
tear′i•ly, adv.
tear′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.teary - with eyes full of tearsteary - with eyes full of tears    
tearful - filled with or marked by tears; "tearful eyes"; "tearful entreaties"


Filled with or shedding tears:
Idiom: in tears.
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That's right -- with Becca waiting in the wings, Arie got down on one knee and Lauren tearily accepted.
Many in the crowd were moved when he brought his children on stage and talked tearily about what's it's like to be a homeless, single dad.
He used to always give me flowers," Rana Fliti recalled tearily on the phone.
Sinan's sorrowful spouse E[pounds sterling]meyye Yylmaz and theree children Mert, Berk and Meleknur said the last goodbye to the father tearily.
Kitty believes the other contestants are "out to get her" and tearily told pals: "I am being trashed.
Several courts ruled against Torres' bid even after she tearily divorced her husband in a bid to skirt the rules.
It's a jarring mix of the amusing (officers picking their noses in patrol cars, eating Haribo Starmix and quoting Ali G) and the downright harrowing (the ashen-faced aftermath of motorway smashes unflinchingly picked through, grieving relatives tearily breaking down in front of the cameras).
Evan shakes his head tearily and can't finish his sentence.
Spookily though, she suddenly found her head racing with the same thoughts her character had upon tearily discovering she was now going to have to eat for two, in addition to fending of the global threat of alien attackers in the slimy form of child-stealing nasties, the 456.
Miller tearily responds to Sister Aloysius' evidence-free claims, her fragility near a breaking point.