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n. Informal
A highly sentimental story, drama, or performance, often intended to arouse heartache or sympathy.

tear′-jerk′ing adj.


(ˈtɪərˌdʒɜr kər)

n. Informal.
a sentimental story, play, movie, or the like, designed to elicit tears.
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Noun1.tearjerker - an excessively sentimental narrative
narration, narrative, story, tale - a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program; "his narrative was interesting"; "Disney's stories entertain adults as well as children"
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Charlie's death is going to be a real tearjerker for the audience, who will be waiting to see if he and Kat can mend bridges before he dies.
Charlie's death is going to be a real tearjerker for the audience, too, and they will be waiting to see if he and Kat can mend bridges before he dies.
Opens Friday THE STARS Thomas Mann, Olivia Cooke THE VERDICT Though it covers familiar territory (a blend of cancer tearjerker with coming-of-age drama) this engaging US indie flick brims with genuine emotion and compassion as it tells the story of oddball Pittsburgh teen Greg (Mann), who makes parodies of classic films with his buddy Earl (RJ Cyler).
10pm MEDICAL DRAMA Prepare for a tearjerker of an episode tonight as Connie faces one of the most-heartbreaking decisions of her medical career.
The Tearjerkers had several lineup changes but at the time of recording they had been made up of Roddy (vocals/guitar), Mark Byers (vocals/guitar), Joe Hughes (vocals/bass), Pete Davies (drums) and a wild accordion player called 'Slim Tearjerker', aka Clive Pain, who also contributed to the vocals.
HIT drama Downton Abbey has been given a fourth series as ITV bosses warned viewers to have their "tissues ready" for the show's Christmas tearjerker.
Then, at the end of the week, Ellen Kent returns for the first time since 2009, bringing two operas with her - Puccini tearjerker Madama Butterfly on Friday, and Verdi's powerful La Traviata on Saturday.
George Cloooney is the firm's 4-5 favourite for his role in Hawaiibased tearjerker The Descendants with Brad Pitt (Moneyball) the 28-1 outsider.
Like Lorenzo's Oil, a tearjerker that you might remember from a few years back, this film deals with parents battling to save their children from a killer disease.
In a nutshell: A well-sung but strangely unmoving version of a classic tearjerker.
From "Brokeback Wives Find Solace in Cowboy Tearjerker," by Katy Butler, in Scotland on Sunday, March 12
Undoubtedly, it achieves those noble aims, but just as important, it's always the tearjerker of the year.