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adj. tear·i·er, tear·i·est
a. Filled or wet with tears: teary eyes.
b. Of or resembling tears.
2. Causing weeping: a teary movie; a teary goodbye.
3. Inclined to weep: He becomes teary when he reminisces.

tear′i·ly adv.
tear′i·ness n.


adj, tearier or teariest
1. characterized by, covered with, or secreting tears
2. (Physiology) given to weeping; tearful
ˈtearily adv
ˈteariness n


(ˈtɪər i)

adj. tear•i•er, tear•i•est.
1. tearful: a teary farewell.
2. of or like tears.
tear′i•ly, adv.
tear′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.teary - with eyes full of tearsteary - with eyes full of tears    
tearful - filled with or marked by tears; "tearful eyes"; "tearful entreaties"


Filled with or shedding tears:
Idiom: in tears.
References in classic literature ?
His mother listened, spoke soothingly to him and in a whisper promised him something that made him give her a quick, teary smile.
It can be embarrassing when you get teary over the slightest thing but it can be really embarrassing if you get teary over the slightest thing and your other half writes it all down and publishes his list to millions of people online.
However, he has a special place in Kylie's heart even now and she gets all teary eyed when she talks about him.
It is within a simple hello or even a teary goodbye .
Allergic Rhinitis -- this presents with excessive sneezing with runny nose and teary eyes.
TEARY FAREWELL: Davina McCall Now, before I let this rant run away with me, I must firstly champion the moments of comedy genius that Big Brother has given us.
Elsewhere, teary Laila Rouass had a big bandage on her ankle.
Jade's widower milks it by giving teary interviews about how much he wants to be a great role model for her boys and how he regrets his wild behaviour.
But the teary Marilyn was just happy her family was all right.
Your assailant will flash his tits at you and eat live cockroaches on command before engaging in a teary, drunken monologue about how much he misses his kids and just wants to go home.