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1. Having tears in the eyes, as from emotion: teary-eyed wedding guests.
2. Marked by tears or weeping: a teary-eyed confession.
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Adj.1.teary-eyed - with eyes full of tearsteary-eyed - with eyes full of tears    
tearful - filled with or marked by tears; "tearful eyes"; "tearful entreaties"
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A teary-eyed Gatland even let down his hardnosed Kiwi reputation amid the jubilant celebrations.
However, a teary-eyed Anna is adamant it's over for good and poor Faye is devastated, blaming herself for their split and all the tension she's caused.
Commentators observed that Mrs Cameron looked teary-eyed during the PM's passage on the NHS.
A teary-eyed Ross is packing his things when Debbie finds him.
Online that the actress, who wore a beaded silver mini dress, got teary-eyed several times when friends stood up and gave heart-warming speeches to toast the couple.
On Wednesday, I was at York racecourse, where a crowd of 30,000 was almost teary-eyed in its admiration for a horse.
CDATA[ A teary-eyed Israel, headed by the Shalit family, welcomed Gilad back home to Israel after 1,941 days in terrorist captivity.
Looking through the article, I started to get teary-eyed.
Bullock combines likeability with teary-eyed emotion, so we sympathise with her plight, even if we don't understand it.
A teary-eyed Berry's star was unveiled as the 2,333rd plaque on the Walk of Fame in a ceremony Tuesday in front of the Kodak Theatre.
I am an immigrant," a teary-eyed Kim reminded his audience.
Rakiya was teary-eyed when her mother spoke about the stigma that they have both endured because of her mother's HIV/AIDS status.