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(tɛk) or


informal short for detective


(in Britain) n acronym for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Training and Enterprise Council. See Training Agency
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Noun1.tec - a police officer who investigates crimestec - a police officer who investigates crimes
dick, gumshoe, hawkshaw - someone who is a detective
plainclothesman - a detective who wears civilian clothes on duty
police officer, policeman, officer - a member of a police force; "it was an accident, officer"
tracer - an investigator who is employed to find missing persons or missing goods
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The coppers is up there now, and the tec, and the manager, and they think their gent is about the place somewhere still.
TEC and its subsidiaries have had the honor of providing services to the Federal government.
In light of these circumstances, and in order to take full advantage of the government of Thailand's policy reviews, the Dentsu Group decided to establish its Promo Tec regional headquarters in Thailand.
The contract has been awardedA by the management board of regional public transport operator SocieteA Regionale Wallonne du Transport (SRWT), the company behind TEC.
The TEC continues to monitor the development of proposed Statement on Standards for Tax Services No.
TEC said that each issue of the title will carry original features and profiles of Chinese companies and their heads of finance.
Such insider information could have given TEC an unfair advantage over fellow bidders and should have disqualified it from the bidding process.
Tec began offering the virtual master's program outside of Mexico in 1995 in Colombia, where the Mexican school has cooperation agreements with local universities.
CSC TECH1632 - Supply of electricity (HT-BT) 100% renewable and natural gas throughout the TEC group - Exercises 2014 2016Le contract is for the supply, exclusive of electrical energy (HT-BT ) and gas (HP-LP) to the TEC group.
The TEC continues to implement and monitor progress on the Tax Section's Strategic Plan.
Baize told the Daily News the company was completely open and candid and that he had only explored TEC bidding on Belmont - ``phone calls, but never any analysis'' - before leaving the school district.
In a bid to wire still more students, in January the Tec introduced at the State of Mexico and Monterrey campuses the WaveLAN radio card created by Lucent Technologies, making it the first academic institution in Mexico to adopt the new technology on a massive scale.