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also tek·kie  (tĕk′ē)
n. Informal
One who studies or is highly interested or proficient in a technical field, especially electronics.


(ˈtɛkɪ) or


n, pl techies
a person who is skilled in the use of technological devices, such as computers
of, relating to, or skilled in the use of technological devices, such as computers


or tek•kie

(ˈtɛk i)

n. Informal.
1. a technical expert, student, or enthusiast, esp. in the field of electronics.
2. a technician, as for a stage crew.
[1965–70; by shortening; see -ie]
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Noun1.techie - a technician who is highly proficient and enthusiastic about some technical field (especially computing)techie - a technician who is highly proficient and enthusiastic about some technical field (especially computing)
computer programing, computer programming, programing, programming - creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something
technician - someone whose occupation involves training in a specific technical process


[ˈtekɪ] Ntecnologuillo/a m/f


[ˈtɛki] nexpert m en technologie


n (inf)Technikfreak m (inf)
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The survey also revealed some cities may suffer a future techie exodus.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka),[India] Oct 16 (ANI): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday assured stern action against Bengaluru techie mob-attack incident and said nobody can take law into their hands.
For the high society people who knew her, as well as those who have the faintest idea who she was, let me tell you about 'La Divina: The Life and Style of Chona Recto-Kasten,' a coffee-table book on the life and times of the late fashion icon, written by her only daughter Techie Ysmael-Bilbao, edited by Jose Mari Ugarte, and published by National Book Store/Anvil.
Popup calls enable a techie to send a message to computers saying that user's computer is unsecured and to get disinfected they must call a technical assistance number, which is an internet call that landed at the call centre in Noida.
BusinessCar Editor Paul Barker said: "It's the level and variety of offering wrapped up with OnStar, as well as its accessibility, that really won over the BusinessCar Techie Awards judging panel.
BusinessCar magazine has recognised the all new Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in electric 4 x 4 with the Green award at the magazine's Techie awards.
Strategy plays a big part - in the 1980s and 90s, Microsoft catered for techies who made the buying decisions for the non-techie majority.
The first two parts express Consolmagno's views on why it is reasonable for a technically minded person (a techie) to believe in God, and how a techie sees religious life.
Here he explains to members of his techie tribe, and to readers who may or may not be particularly attached to science or religion, how he reconciles two approaches to creation that a lot of people claim are mutually exclusive.
I am a techie and for years loved the content in Network Computing.
Columbia University administrators have opted to place iPods as well as other techie offerings in vending machines.