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1. another word for technique
2. (Commerce) another word for technics
[C17: from Latin technicus, from Greek tekhnikos, from tekhnē art, skill]


(ˈtɛk nɪk or, for 1, tɛkˈnik)

2. a technicality.
3. technics, (used with a sing. or pl. v.) the study or science of an art, esp. any of the mechanical or industrial arts.
[1605–15; (n.) earlier technica < Greek techniká, neuter pl. of technikós of art and craft =téchn(ē) art, craft + -ikos -ic; (adj.) < Greek technikós]
technical, technic - Technical is based on technic, an adjective meaning "pertaining to art," from Greek tekhne, "art."
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To adequately involve the socio-ideological function of these technicists devices in Vargas era is fundamental to allude to a fruitful and contemporary category of growing urbanization and industrialization: the notion of populism (Ciavatta, 2009).
In this scenario, the technicist solution towards the social problems aimed to legitimize the action of an authoritarian state, hence the recurrent praise to techniques: sometimes to scientific guise of statistics that estimated the minimum wage, sometimes to legal systematization of labor laws, sometimes to rationalization of public service, sometimes as this analysis noted, towards the use of mental test to select suitable students for a new project of industrial education.
Hence we can label the current era as one of global-state failure, simultaneous with an historic failure of the financial markets that at one point eco-neoliberal technicists had relied upon, through carbon trading, to solve the climate crisis.