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 (tē′ôf′, -ŏf′)
The act or an instance of teeing off in golf.
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Noun1.teeoff - the act of hitting a golf ball from the teeing ground at the start of each hole
golf shot, golf stroke, swing - the act of swinging a golf club at a golf ball and (usually) hitting it
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CLOSE House in Newcastle is getting ready to teeoff for the third-tier round of a prestigious golf tournament.
The first round of 18hole out of 54hole trials will teeoff at the lush green Arabian Sea Country Club (ASCC) on Tuesday.
with the countdown to the big teeoff next Friday bringing excitement levels to fever pitch, Gallacher admits he has the "manic" atmosphere back in Scotland put firmly in perspective by his family's loss.
One Lucky Golfer will Win a Free Foursome a Week from TeeOff.
The Co Down star confused his time zones before the final day singles and risked missing his teeoff time - until state trooper Pat Rollins went out of his way to get him there.
25am teeoff on the first hole will be Australia's ultra consistent Marcus Fraser, the 2010 Ballantine's Championship champion.
Able to "fly under the radar" because of the attention on the sport's three leading lights, McIlroy took advantage of his early teeoff time with five successive birdies around the turn.
Blustery winds and cooler temperatures greeted the players for the British Open final round as overnight pacesetter Tom Watson prepared for a late teeoff and a bid for golfing immortality.
SAM TORRANCE made his teeoff time with 10 seconds to spare by ``doing a Colin Jackson'' and leaping over a fence at the Celtic Manor Wales Open.
A total of 38 pro-am teams are taking part in the competition with teeoff times beginning at 8am and continuing every 10 minutes until 2.
Elkington can verify that after working like crazy to salvage a 70 with an allegedly friendly teeoff time of 7:36 a.
Technology Partners is the developer and supplier of the award winning TeeOff automated tee-sheet product designed for the hotel, resorts and golf community industries.