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An object, such as a teething ring, used for a baby to bite on during teething.


an object for an infant to bite on during the teething process


(ˈti ðər)

1. a device, as a teething ring, for a baby to bite on during teething.
2. a baby who is teething.
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Elephant teether, $12; Bliss Gift and Home, 4465 I-55 N.
Luckily, there's an adult teether available to help the agony in between.
com/kevinjonas/status/897429217641721856) Twitter along with a photo of a younger Joe with a teether on his mouth.
Visitors have said the new arrival actually looks like the much loved toy and teether Sophie la Giraffe.
Moreover, while not all forms of Islamism teether on radicalism, it's nonetheless very possible to support Islamist politics and oppose Daesh.
Founded by Allerton entrepreneur Alissa Koopal, Izzy Melody created its BabyBangle teether and designs, develops and implements innovative baby care products in the 'supporting/soothing category' of the nursery industry.
Vital Baby Nurture Fishy Friend Teether TEETHER with an easy-grip fish shape that has hard and soft water-filled areas that can be cooled in the fridge to soothe baby''s sore gums during the second stage of teething.
DROOL MONKEY A CUTE multipurpose teether monkey that babies can chew on, featuring a rattle and a calming pure organic cotton security blanket.
The house also has its sentimental value as it's the place where Julie started her own teething business called Cheeky Chompers with her friend Amy Livingstone, selling Neckerchews - a dribble bib with attached chewy teether.
Closer to nature Stage One Easy Reach Teether Designed to offer triple action, the teether has textured surfaces to massage baby''s gums, teething surfaces for baby to chew and bite on, plus extended channels to apply teething gel for the early stages of teething.
Besides the three pacifiers the company offers, the Hevea line includes a teether shaped like a panda bear, an organic pacifier clip and an organic pacifier bag.
The DP polarograms of 100 times diluted sample of teether (5 replications) are shown (Fig.