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n. pl. teg·mi·na (-mə-nə)
A covering or integument, especially:
a. The thin plate of bone that covers the middle ear.
b. The tough leathery forewing of certain insects.
c. The inner layer of a seed coat.

[Latin tegimen, tegmen, covering, from tegere, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -mina (-mɪnə)
1. (Zoology) either of the leathery forewings of the cockroach and related insects
2. (Botany) the delicate inner covering of a seed
3. (Botany) any similar covering or layer
[C19: from Latin: a cover, variant of tegimen, from tegere to cover]
ˈtegminal adj


(ˈtɛg mən)

n., pl. -mi•na (-mə nə)
1. a covering or integument, esp. of a plant or animal.
2. the delicate inner coat of a seed.
3. either of a pair of leathery forewings extending over the hind wings in certain insects.
[1800–10; < Latin: covering (also tegumen, tegimen) =teg(ere) to cover + -men n. suffix]
teg′mi•nal, adj.
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Implementing agency : Huzurevi ME-dE-rlE-gE-- Sehit Tegmen Adem Dertsiz AILE VE SOSYAL POLITIKALAR BAKANLIGI ME[pounds sterling]STESARLIK,
The scutum, ossicles, and tegmen tympani are common sites for erosion.
Morphometric variables were body length (BL) (from the phastigium to the articulation of the 3rd femur), 3rd femur length (FL), 3rd tibia length (TiL), pronotum length (TxL), prothorax height (TxH), and tegmen length (TgL).
The eroded bones, identified by CT, were the cortical mastoid, tegmen, posterior ear canal, and middle ear ossicles.
CT scans of the brain and temporal bones showed right mastoid and middle ear effusions with erosion of the tegmen mastoideum posteriorly, and an epidural abscess with transcalvarial extension into the posterior auricular subcutaneous region (Figure 1).
Intemally, a distinctive testal carbonaceous cell layer overlies a thin tegmen of elongate cells, suggesting the presente of sclerotic/tracheoid layers such as characterize seeds of the Lythraceae.
The family Xenopteridae was described by Riek (1955) for a tegmen from the Upper Triassic of Australia.
Therefore the pigmented rice is some varieties of rice that have a color on the palea, lemma and another inside part such as pericarp tegmen and aleurone layer.
3 mm thick, with all its cell walls somewhat lignified, some of them with distinct thickening; its tegmen consists of an outer fibrous, lignified layer four to ten-cell thick, with a lignified endotegmen composed of contiguous cuboid cells, with strongly thickened radial walls.
A estrutura da semente no fruto jovem (Figura 6ab) e basicamente a mesma do ovulo, observando-se apenas aumento do tamanho das celulas nos dois tegumentos e o inicio da diferenciacao de uma camada de celulas com paredes anticlinais sinuosas na epiderme externa do tegmen.
7 times longer than maximum width, widest at level of nodal line; corium without granulation; costal cell with 13-15 oblique transverse veinlets; Sc + R forked at basal fourth; Cu bifurcated at nearly basal 1/3; claval apex beyond midpoint of tegmen, claval veins uniting at slightly basal 3/5 of clavus; nodal line and subapical line distinct, forming numerous subapical and apical cells, the number of subapical and apical cells variable.
Preoperative CT establishes the type of surgical procedure as it determines the extent of the cholesteatoma, ocular chain involvement, facial canal integrity, and tegmen tympani and dural plate involvement.