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n. pl. teg·mi·na (-mə-nə)
A covering or integument, especially:
a. The thin plate of bone that covers the middle ear.
b. The tough leathery forewing of certain insects.
c. The inner layer of a seed coat.

[Latin tegimen, tegmen, covering, from tegere, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -mina (-mɪnə)
1. (Zoology) either of the leathery forewings of the cockroach and related insects
2. (Botany) the delicate inner covering of a seed
3. (Botany) any similar covering or layer
[C19: from Latin: a cover, variant of tegimen, from tegere to cover]
ˈtegminal adj


(ˈtɛg mən)

n., pl. -mi•na (-mə nə)
1. a covering or integument, esp. of a plant or animal.
2. the delicate inner coat of a seed.
3. either of a pair of leathery forewings extending over the hind wings in certain insects.
[1800–10; < Latin: covering (also tegumen, tegimen) =teg(ere) to cover + -men n. suffix]
teg′mi•nal, adj.
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TEGMEN A Mongolian tribe B South American lizard C A covering who am I?
torresi lack the suspensory process of the squamosal that in most sigmodontines contacts the tegmen tympani; in addition, the latter structure displays a variable development (Fig.
In our study, we got sensitivity and specificity for tegmen plates erosion were 83% and 84% and sinus plate was 100% and 97% respectively.
Involvement of the facial nerve, labyrinth, sigmoid sinus, and dura of the tegmen may also be seen.
Radiological signs indicating cholesteatoma in the attic included erosion or destruction of scutum or spur (the lateral wall of the attic), widening of the aditus ad antrum (loss of figure of "8" appearance) , antral wall erosions and widening , ossicular erosions and destruction , medial attic wall erosion which may lead to facial nerve canal involvement, which may cause paresis or paralysis , erosion of the lateral semicircular canal which may result into fistula formation (Figure 1), dehiscence of tegmen tympani , dehiscence of sigmoid sinus plate, erosion of the external auditory canal (EAC), and automastoidectomy.
12] Other areas of erosion include the tegmen tympani, the bony plate covering the sigmoid sinus, the squama of the temporal bone and rarely the vestibular labyrinth.
In addition, the labyrinth was outlined to locate the SSC and to identify the space between the tegmen and dura.
Ardindan 1739 yilinda Prusya krali Tegmen Sattler adli bir elcisini Kirim Hani'na verilmek uzere, bir mektupla at satin alma ve ordu icin insan temini goreviyle Bogdan'a gonderdi.
Implementing agency : Huzurevi ME-dE-rlE-gE-- Sehit Tegmen Adem Dertsiz AILE VE SOSYAL POLITIKALAR BAKANLIGI ME[pounds sterling]STESARLIK,
The scutum, ossicles, and tegmen tympani are common sites for erosion.
The specimens compared with previous description showed a marked difference of 13mm in body length, 18 mm of tegmen length in male while in case of female 7mm in body length, 13mm of tegmen length and 7mm of hind femur length was recorded.