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 (tā′gwä, tā′wä)
An ankle-high moccasin worn in parts of Mexico and the Southwest.

[Origin unknown.]


(Clothing & Fashion) an ankle-high moccasin worn in Mexico and parts of the US
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Maggot protein has been found not only rich in limiting essential amino acids, but also highly available to poultry, pig and fish, save that it is not yet available in commercial quantity(Gawaard and Brune 1979, Idowu et al 2003, Tegua 2005, Ogunji et al 2006).
On Tegua Island in Vanuatu, 100 people packed up their homes and moved them inland.
The Tones group is made up of six small islands--Toga, Loh, Linua, Tegua, Metoma and Hiu--which currently sustain a population of approximately 950 Island Melanesians who represent three distinct Austronesian language groups (Toga, Loh and Hiu) and are distributed across half a dozen coastal settlements.