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 (tĕg′yə-lər) also teg·u·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Relating to or resembling a tile.

[From Latin tēgula, tile, from tegere, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]

teg′u·lar·ly adv.


1. of, relating to, or resembling a tile or tiles
2. (Biology) biology overlapping like a series of tiles: tegular scales.
[C18: from Latin tēgula a tile, from tegere to cover]
ˈtegularly adv
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Adj.1.tegular - of or relating to or resembling a series of tiles
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Tenders are invited for Renovation of Room No 2 and its attached Toilet in SS Block of IASRI, New Delhi:Providing and Fixing 15 mm thick densified tegular edged eco friendly light weight calcium silicate false ceiling tiles of approved texture
44-45) tubular, apex of aedeagus expanded membranous, with tegular process in dorsal margin, with a quadrangular process in left view, with one foliate process in right view.
Jager and Kunz (2005) diagnosed males in an identification key by their distal embolic coil and the presence of tegular apophyses.
The terms median apophysis and conductor are used to name tegular apophyses to extend the implied homology beyond gnaphosid spiders (Miller, 1967; Platnick and Shadab, 1975, 1983; Senglet, 2004; Zakharov and Ovtcharenko, 2011), to include other spider groups (Comstock, 1910, 1920; Sierwald, 1990; Coddington, 1990).
Nice shopping center location with ample open windows, this salon gets walk-ins as well as a tegular request cIentele established over 7 years.
Earlier this year, Lanson polled 2,000 tegular Champagne drinkers to explore attitudes to different Champagne flavours and drinking occasions.
Patellal apophysis broad, dorsally concave; RTA more than half the tibial length, with distinctly extending distal end; lateral tibial apophysis absent; cymbial furrow less than 1/3 of cymbial length; conductor short, basal lamella indistinct, dorsal apophysis about the same size as conductor; median apophysis small, spoon-shaped, without free standing anterior edge, arising posteriorly; embolus short, filiform, prolateral in origin, thread originating near middle of tegular sclerite (Figs.
Test kits using dried blood spots collected on filter paper are available free of charge and are sent to an academic research laboratory by tegular mail for analysis.
The old ceiling tiles, installed on an ancient black grid, were replaced with 110 sqm of Armstrong Dune Tegular tiles.
The male is easily distinguished by the clearly broader embolus and the absence of a curved tegular lobe.
Male pedipalp: CY = cymbium, DMS = distomedial sclerite of the embolic division, E = embolus, MES = medioectal sclerite of the embolic division, PA = pedipalpal patella, PBL = paracymbial basal lobe, PC = paracymbium, PML = paracymbial medial lobe, ST = subtegulum, TE = tegulum, TI = pedipalpal tibia, TR = trichobothria of the male pedipalpal tibia, TSD = tegular sperm duct.