teiid lizard

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Noun1.teiid lizard - tropical New World lizard with a long tail and large rectangular scales on the belly and a long tail
lizard - relatively long-bodied reptile with usually two pairs of legs and a tapering tail
family Teiidae, Teiidae - whiptails; etc.
whiptail, whiptail lizard - any of numerous very agile and alert New World lizards
teju - large (to 3 feet) blackish yellow-banded South American lizard; raid henhouses; used as food
caiman lizard - crocodile-like lizard of South America having powerful jaws for crushing snails and mussels
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The Laredo striped whiptail, Cnemidophorus laredoensis, is a parthenogenetic teiid lizard which occurs in the sandy disturbed habitats in and near the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and Mexico (Walker 1987).
A preliminary report of reproduction in the teiid lizard, Cnemidophorus hyperythrus beldingi.
We investigated intraspecific resource partitioning among age-sex classes of Cnemidophorus gularis, a large, common, teiid lizard that ranges widely from the prairies, grasslands, and rocky hillsides of Texas and northern Mexico, into southern Oklahoma and the eastern edge of New Mexico.
Skin grafting in the bisexual teiid lizard Cnemidophorus sexlineatus and the unisexual C.
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