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n. pl. tel·cos
A telephone company.


npl telcos
(Telecommunications) a telecommunications company
[C20: from tel(ecommunications) + co(mpany)]


n., pl. -cos.
a telephone company.


An abbreviation for “telecommunications company.”
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Noun1.telco - a public utility that provides telephone servicetelco - a public utility that provides telephone service
public utility, public utility company, public-service corporation, utility - a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
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said in a press conference companies from Japan, South Korea and the US, as well as Australian telco Telstra Corp.
CloudMetro 10 is a new member of Telco Systems' innovative Open Metro Edge (OME) solution portfolio of metro edge solutions, designed to help telcos and other communications service providers transition their networks to SDN and NFV infrastructure.
The move will raise the Spanish group's Telco stake to 66%.
Initial Installation and Turn-up: On-site Telco Systems experts assists with first time installation and turn-up of the customer's network.
Lanham-based Telco iQ, a leading broker of network management services is now offering flat rate MPLS based IP VPN's nationwide.
After the arbitration tribunal, the court at first instance and the Vienna Appeal Court, the Austrian Supreme Court is the fourth tribunal to confirm the position taken by Telco and Vivendi, which had throughout been disputed by DT and Elektrim in their attempt to strip Telco of its 48% stake in PTC.
Based in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Telco Systems is a leading provider of carrier-class transport and access solutions for Ethernet/IPVPLS/MPLS and TDM networks for carrier, service provider and enterprise markets.
Telco Systems provided its T-Metro 100, T-Metro 200, T-Marc 250, and T-Marc 254 for testing in the access and edge network and successfully interoperated with other vendors in T-MPLS rings, EFM OAM (IEEE 802.
In the light of this reasoning [of the Second Partial Award], it cannot seriously be assumed that the Arbitral Tribunal had rendered a substantive decision, or had intended to render a substantive decision, on claims of Plaintiff (DT) in the arbitral proceedings against Telco, as it has in utmost clarity stated in the reasoning that its examination of the effectiveness of the arbitration agreement on Telco made in the framework of the competence-competence of the arbitral tribunal has come to the conclusion that it has no jurisdiction with regard to Telco.
We are confident that our customers will benefit from the broad range of IP solutions offered by Telco Systems as they continue to expand their subscriber base," stated Nancy Macartney, President and CEO of Critical Telecom.
Proclivity to sign up for telco bundled services given certain enticements.