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On the other, one day Shiva wakes up in classroom with students that are capable of strange and impossible things -- they are able to disappear, influence minds and use telekinesis.
Young Moretz does not seem like the type who can carry out a telekinesis nervous breakdown.
A treat bigger arguably than the climax comes when Drummond seemingly breaks the hallowed magic circle by dismantling the illusion of telekinesis to the delight of the audience - having given them the choice beforehand.
She closed her eyes hoping for a miracle, she didn't have telekinesis, she was just Jean.
Squad, as telekinesis specialist Beatrice Alexander works with Vampire Oliver Montrose to infiltrate a group of vampires in Dallas.
Exercising this inalienable franchise, Americans have devised taps that flow hot and cold at the raising and lowering of a knob, WCs that flush at the depression of a foot pedal, showers that spew seemingly through telekinesis and a whole range of ingenious doodahs that leave the visitor dumbfounded.
The experiment involves access to untapped areas of the brain - and Shane discovers the institute is actually finding and experimenting with telekinesis, super strength, and even reversing aging.
After three schoolboys uncover a glowing, probably alien device buried underground, they're blessed with the powers of flight and telekinesis.
Soon after, they are blessed with powers of flight, telekinesis and invulnerability.
Who hasn't reached across the table and tried to grab something with their hands and move it in a telekinesis way, right?
The Tomorrow People were the emerging specimens of homo superior, the next stage of human evolutionary development, and they were endowed with telepathy, telekinesis (the ability to move things by sheer willpower), and teleportation - the power to transport themselves across almost any distance in an instant.