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Noun1.telephone company - a public utility that provides telephone servicetelephone company - a public utility that provides telephone service
public utility, public utility company, public-service corporation, utility - a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
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He gave grandfather fifty an acre for it on long time, an' here am I, workin' for the telephone company an' putting' in a telephone for old Silva's cousin from the Azores that can't speak American yet.
The Eight Independents in New Hampshire include Bretton Woods Telephone Company Inc, Dixville Telephone Company, Dunbarton Telephone Company Inc, Granite State Telephone Inc, TDS Telecom/Hollis Telephone Company Inc, TDS Telecom/Kearsarge Telephone Company, TDS Telecom/Merrimack County Telephone Company and TDS Telecom/Wilton Telephone Company Inc.
In Brazil, the sale in July of the government-owned telephone company has become a major issue in this fall's presidential campaign.
However, regardless of what name is on file, the telephone company will maintain a record of the physical location of the telephone.
Teleport's key advantage, says Annunziata, is that while a big telephone company must be some things to all people, a small enterprise like Teleport can excel being all things to some people - in this case the high-end, high-volume corporate customer.
Harrisonville Telephone Company (sub of HTC holding co.
We made the decision to deploy Occam Networks BLC 6000 to improve our network reliability and service quality," said Dave Fox, president of Westphalia Telephone Company.
Since we've begun to deploy Pannaway's IP access equipment in our central office (CO) and remote terminals (RT), we've seen a significant improvement in the performance and quality of our Triple Play services, especially our IP TV service", said Mark Alexander, Central Office Technician at Filer Mutual Telephone Company.
Garden Valley Telephone Company, headquartered in Erskine, Minnesota, provides communications solutions to over 15,000 subscribers across eight counties and 24 exchanges in northwest Minnesota.
Kevin Cabbage, general manager of Farmers Mutual Telephone Company, added, "Tekelec has a strong reputation in Iowa, and its proven Tekelec 7000-Tekelec 6000 solution will allow us to deliver differentiated services and applications while also supporting our existing regulated revenue streams, building customer brand loyalty and reducing operational costs.
The joint solution is enabling Kentucky Telephone Company to provide the scope and scale of services to its 3000 subscribers only previously available to major metropolitan markets, including voice and data across its entire 5000-square mile service area.