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The victim was strangled with a telephone cord during a row.
Cops arrested Warren Lyttle after wife Lisa Jane, 49, was found dead - apparently strangled with a telephone cord.
The 73-year-old victim was dragged to the floor, punched, tied up with a telephone cord and choked to unconsciousness by Frank Shannon, 30, after they had sex at his home in Formby.
Inmates have tried tearing clothes to make a rope, using a telephone cord, ingesting cleaning fluid or using specially designed jail razor blades that are harder for a person to use to cut or injure themselves, Richard Lewis said.
Her son-in-law was treated more harshly: The robbers left him hogtied with a telephone cord.
The resulting structure has been dubbed the hemihelix, and you may have made one yourself by untwisting part of a telephone cord so much that it flips and spirals in the other direction.
26, then pulled out a knife and cut the telephone cord.
Forensic experts said Solh was strangled with a telephone cord before being shot and had injury marks all over his body.
The boy was expelled from eight schools due to violent behavior, including one incident where he choked a teacher with a telephone cord.
Dubai Two men were accused of attacking a saleswoman with a stun gun and tying her up with a telephone cord and stealing Dh1.
On the day of her death, at 3am, Murray, her live in companion had an uneasy feeling that something was wrong and went to check on Marilyn - she found the bedroom door locked, light on and the telephone cord under the door, all of which were highly unusual (after the psychiatric clinic, she couldn't abide being locked in).
Haynes into a glass table June 24, causing her to cut her arm, and of then pulling the telephone cord from the wall so she could not call police.

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