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Noun1.telephone order - receiving orders via telephonetelephone order - receiving orders via telephone  
telecommerce, telemarketing, teleselling - the use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion and sales
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30pm last Monday to make a delivery after a telephone order was placed, but the caller left no other details.
Furthermore, a prescriber requested to give a telephone order may be interrupted while performing other client care activities, further affecting their concentration, and possibly adding to communication ambiguity (AHRQ,2003).
Triarco's increased services make shopping convenient through its new eCatalog ordering Web site, tollfree telephone order service or with an easy-to-use order form by mail, fax or e-mail.
But 75% of retailers who accept mail and telephone order still do not have an ecommerce facility
To place a telephone order, please call 888-570-4545.
We hope to substitute phone and fax orders with a totally computer-operated system within five years," says Juliana Behring, the retailer's e-commerce manager, who is looking forward to slashing telephone order costs.
Several years earlier in a long-term care facility where she had worked, a physician had given a telephone order for Bactrim DS following the results of a urinalysis showing bacterial growth.
GlobalCollect provides international payment services for Customer Non-Present (CNP) businesses that include internet, mail, telephone order, and more.
For example, changing the fulfillment pattern so the telephone order received two issues, not one, before the first notice increases pay-up 25 percent--from eight to ten percent.
GlobalCollect provides international payment services for non face-to-face businesses including Internet, mail and telephone order.
Brown's since 1959, will continue to sell its famous fudge sauce by mail or telephone order and will wholesale it at a variety of retail stores, said Tim Schumacher, who is in charge of the sauce's manufacturing and sales effort.
Ordercatcher(TM) suite of products uses speech technology to streamline the telephone order taking process, allowing restaurants and retail stores to make more efficient use of their employee's time and resources, reducing order time to as little as 30 seconds vs.