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1. Of or relating to telephones.
2. Transmitted or conveyed by telephone.

tel′e·phon′i·cal·ly adv.


advfernsprechtechnisch; (= by telephone)telefonisch
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Tahirul Qadri has once again contacted telephonically to MQM Pakistan leader Dr.
The minister listened the problems of the delegation and telephonically contacted the commissioner Bhawalpur Saqib Zafar and ordered him to ensure protection of their rights in the area.
Vendors are encouraged to participate in person or telephonically.
How about "telephonically communicated" as in: "The results were telephonically communicated to the CEO.
telephonically communicated: To convey information or data by telephone.
Despite this so-called extreme anxiety that purportedly precluded her from attending trial, when the court spoke with Beard-Williams telephonically on Oct.
On the basis of the increasingly higher performances of current computers and modems, the company can telephonically control the machine status directly from its assistance office, according to company literature.
Certificates of coverage may be provided telephonically (and perhaps electronically), as long as all parties (including the individual and both the old and new health plans) agree.