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Over the past decade, he made a major mark on the Canuck production business with Telescene Film Group, a film and TV production company he ran and co-owned.
According to YNN, the news content will be produced by Telescene Film Group, Inc.
Paul Painter, executive vp at Canada's Telescene Film Group, believes that the euro will serve to polarize America and Europe: "With the euro situation, I think it's going to maybe make it more difficult to get behind those closed doors.
In recent years, he has produced films such as Une historie inventee and Malarek through his Montreal-based firm, Telescene.
Most recently, Yudin served as President of Telescene Entertainment, a division of Telescene Film Group, Inc.
Sydney and at the Warner Roadshow Studios in Queensland, came together to back the skein after Canadian producer/distrib Telescene Film Group, which helped bankroll the first two series, filed for bankruptcy.
Live Through This is produced by Telescene Film Group in association with YTV Canada and TEAM Entertainment.
Johns says he, Donner and two other producers, Chris Ruppenthal and Kevin Feige, had already written the scripts for the first four episodes of 22 commissioned by Sci Fi Channel when one of the show's financial partners, the Telescene Film Group of Montreal, declared bankruptcy two months ago.
Live Through This" is produced by Telescene Film Group in association with YTV Canada.
Produced for Team by Montreal-based Telescene, the weekly series explores what happens when an aging rock group goes back home for a reunion: Generations collide, egos clash, and the issues of love, sex and rock 'n' roll surface with a vengeance.
Telescene has run into a severe cash flow shortage over the last several months and announced a large write down of assets at the end of its second quarter.