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1. Of or relating to a telescope.
2. Seen or obtained by means of a telescope: telescopic data.
3. Visible only by means of a telescope: a bright star with a telescopic companion.
4. Capable of discerning distant objects: telescopic vision.
5. Extensible or compressible by or as if by the sliding of overlapping sections.

tel′e·scop′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.telescopically - in a telescopic manner; "each of the four legs contains a simple screw jack with a thrust bearing that is operated telescopically inside of two tubes"
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The house, as the case stood, admirably lent itself; he might wonder at the taste, the native architecture of the particular time, which could rejoice so in the multiplication of doors - the opposite extreme to the modern, the actual almost complete proscription of them; but it had fairly contributed to provoke this obsession of the presence encountered telescopically, as he might say, focused and studied in diminishing perspective and as by a rest for the elbow.
In the absence of a moveable seat, the steering column and pedals are telescopically adjustable and in no time, it feels like that the car has been poured around you.
The column-guided design of St Anthony's gas holder includes three separate massive diameter sections which lift telescopically as the holder fills with gas.
Lightweight aluminium handle telescopically extends between 80 to 144cm.
The complete ECB was first caught on 2008 Mar 10 (Ls= 43[degrees]) by Kowollik; this is the season at which it typically becomes noticeable telescopically.
He and fellow Jesuit Francesco Maria Grimaldi (1618-63; who would later go on to discover and name the phenomenon of diffraction mentioned earlier) published in Riccioli's 1651 Almagestum Novum a table of the apparent sizes of many stars measured telescopically (along with a detailed description of their observing methods so that anyone could reproduce their results), and a table of the physical sizes stars would have were they to lie at the distances required by the Copernican theory (distances that had grown larger thanks to increasingly sensitive, but still fruitless, efforts to detect annual parallax).
Zettl, Localization and Nonlinear Resistance in Telescopically Extended Nanotubes, 93 PHYSICAL REV.
The review, titled, Telescopically Awful, examined the model in lucid and critical detail, which was considered a useful addition to the list of other products given the same practical inspection.
Sturdy, on weighted base, its height adjusts telescopically between 1.
The lightweight aluminium handle telescopically adjusts between 90 to 150cm to reach the ground
I sat opposite but behind the lovely mature lady, Next to the young man with modern shoes, Such a gap in life was obvious, Jaeger clad lady with fine silver hair, and accompaniments, Sat next to the pony tailed young man, Cutting it cool with shoes to match, I looked down telescopically to the narrow aisle the bus always has.
One of the highlights of the weekend, and there were many, was to spend some time with Magda in her observatory with the 12-inch telescope looking at spectacular sights in the southern sky which I had not seen telescopically before, such as Centaurus A, the Jewel Box, the Keyhole Nebula, the Tarantula Nebula, Omega Centauri and, of course, Alpha Centauri.