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An evangelist who conducts religious telecasts.

[Blend of television and evangelist.]

tel′e·van′gel·ism n.


(Protestantism) US evangelism as preached on television by televangelists
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Noun1.televangelism - evangelism at a distance by the use of television
evangelism - zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel
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Truly, he was a precursor of the Protestant televangelism that helped reshape the American religious and political landscapes.
They were founded by indigenous charismatic leaders, although they have been inspired by North American televangelism in many ways.
A markedly American phenomenon is televangelism with high-profile programs such as The 700 Club and The Old-Time Gospel Hour.
Those who missed, or have forgotten, the heights of televangelism in the 1980s may find FitzGerald's narrative of that era entertaining.
Earlier this month, Christian Today magazine reported Rossi was threatened by some of the biggest names in televangelism because his script will reveal some of the tricks famous faith healers use to fool their audiences, that until now, have remained closely guarded trade secrets.
Communication scholars examine how the televangelism of the 1980s and 1990s has moved out of mainstream media into specialized digital media where it continues to influence a large number of people.
Although he criticizes televangelism, Keck refers to research indicating that these televangelists are experienced by the public in certain social strata as people who are more concerned about human need, hurt, loneliness, and meaninglessness.
The 1980s saw the rebound of the conservative political movement in the form of Republican Party presidential candidate Ronald Reagan and the conservative evangelical movement of the likes of Jerry Falwell and televangelism.
JIM BAKKER was credited with helping to start televangelism in the 1960s before a sex scandal forced him to resign from his ministry.
There are voices like Tara Woodard Lehman who call out the inherent contradiction between the prosperity gospel found in megachurches and televangelism and what Jesus actually says about wealth in the Bible.
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