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Noun1.television announcer - an announcer on televisiontelevision announcer - an announcer on television    
announcer - reads news, commercials on radio or television
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AN Urdd volunteer had a shock when a television announcer burst onto stage at an Eisteddfod and told him he had won a prestigious award.
OCTOBER 1, 2010: The television announcer reads in a sombre tone over a montage of clips from my career: "The news that football star Keith Gillespie had been declared bankrupt came in the High Court today.
The announcement of his death was made by a tearful television announcer dressed in black.
Recently, he began a new phase in his journalistic career, working as a television announcer for one of the Gulf channels, Rotana Khalijiya.
As a result, Josh will not be returning as the Rangers television announcer in 2011.
In the past, Nicole had agreed to be held guest on the show "Limatha" (Why), presented by Lebanese television announcer Tony Khalifa.
Then the television announcer commented that the delegations from the Four Host First Nations hadn't arrived yet, and the Governor General was supposed to be the last to be seated.
Berlusconi withdrew many of the showgirl candidates; the only one to be elected was Barbara Matera, a former soap opera actress, television announcer and Miss Italy contestant who took her seat this week following his wife's outburst.
A television announcer can expect to pay 18 per cent less than a broadcaster, and a bricklayer will find the same car 17 per cent cheaper to insure than a builder.
I did that for two years in Wales before going back to London, where I come from, to work as a television announcer at the BBC's Lime Grove studios.
A television announcer will pay almost twice as much as a bricklayer to insure the same car but can reduce their premium by referring to themselves as a broadcaster.
What recent event is the television announcer describing?

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