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Noun1.television channel - a television station and its programstelevision channel - a television station and its programs; "a satellite TV channel"; "surfing through the channels"; "they offer more than one hundred channels"
television station, TV station - station for the production and transmission of television broadcasts
chaîne de télévision
televízió csatorna
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The television channel has recently witnessed many economic problems and a number of tourism companies threatened to resort to the British judiciary for the network to pay ?
While watching television last night, I was shocked to find a television channel claiming that I have raised huge properties.
Answering a query by Bahraini daily Al Wasat about the report, Al Hammadi said the foreign ministry had contacted the television channel and demanded a correction of the statement.
Contract awarded for "service recruitment advertising television channel vhf frequency open to communicate information government to the people of guatemala"
According to Kanakir (2007), the first Arabic Islamic television channel is Iqraa which was launched on 21st of October 1998.
PHNOM PENH, Rabi'I 26, 1435, Jan 27, 2014, SPA -- Cambodian military police used smoke grenades and batons on Monday to quell a protest by demonstrators demanding that a new television channel be allowed to broadcast, wounding at least eight people, witnesses said.
Mosul (NINA) - Camera man working at Niniveh television channel killed on Sunday, Nov.
Leaders of protesters are outside the regional television channel building demanding to let them appear on the local television channel to voice their demands.
Summary: The Public Authority for Radio and Television of the Sultanate of Oman has announced a new television channel for the [.
The information ministry in December revoked the licence granted to Al Youm Television Channel, claiming that it had failed to comply with the regulations governing broadcasting in the country.
Summary: Saudi billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal will move his Rotana entertainment company and a new Arabic television channel to Bahrain, a move that reflects Saudi efforts to back Bahrain's government after its economy was hit by protests.
These statistics, which include television ratings, gross rating points (GRP's), target rating points (TRP's) and other details along with reach and frequency, are calculated to categorise how many viewers are actually watching a particular television channel or programme at a given time of the day.

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