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Noun1.television room - a room set aside for viewing televisiontelevision room - a room set aside for viewing television
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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What was once the dairy is now a modern kitchen and the lower ground also features a large bathroom with underfloor heating, and a television room with flatscreen TV, Bose sound system and comfortable sofas.
The lower ground also features a large bathroom with underfloor heating, a large bath and a large shower cubicle; a utility room with washing machine/ tumble dryer and freezer drawer; and television room with flatscreen TV, Bose sound V system and comfortable sofas.
There's plenty of living space, including a sitting room, television room and games room with its own pool table.
Also on this level is a small cloakroom and two more rooms for use as either bedrooms, a study or even a small television room.
The rest of the lower-level ceiling was dropped, so they could insert a library and television room into the crawl space above.
The days of the television room being the family watering hole where members loved to gather and collectively, laugh, smile or cry over a movie, frown over a news bulletin while they had dinner, might soon become a thing of the past.
Less subtle is the upstage television room, which is separated from the downstage dining area by vertical rods suggestive of prison bars.
A decorative staircase leads to the first floor which includes a mezzanine area with a second lounge and television room along with four bedrooms.
Having not seen my polar bear for several days, I was not surprised to find him lolling around on the settee in the television room.
To make the most of all the extra space, Elaine and Darren have also transformed another bedroom into an upstairs television room.
On a sofa in the television room of the Lyubimets facility, two young Syrian Kurdish immigrants say they arrived 54 days earlier.
We continued to increase per-room revenue within our hospitality business from non-guest entertainment sources and we believe our balance sheet is now well positioned to support significant growth of our high-definition interactive television room base.