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1. The rearmost segment of the body of certain arthropods.
2. An extension of this segment, such as the middle lobe of the tail of a lobster or the stinger of a scorpion.

[Greek, limit.]


(Zoology) the last segment or an appendage on the last segment of the body of crustaceans and arachnids
[C19: from Greek: a boundary; probably related to telos end]
telsonic adj


(ˈtɛl sən)

the last segment, or an appendage of the last segment, of certain arthropods, as the middle flipper of a lobster's tail.
[1850–55; < Greek télson boundary, limit]
tel•son′ic (-ˈsɒn ɪk) adj.
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The long dactylus of the third maxilliped that overreaches the tip of the propodus and the subtriangular telson wider than the sixth abdominal somite are unique features that clearly support that P.
1Moz Ag and 73koz Au Topia (Great Panther Silver) 2016 production of 547koz Ag and 612oz Au Telson Resources Tahuahueto project has a published probable reserves estimate of 3.
The determination of functional maturity was based on the looseness of the telson and the other parts of the abdomen segments.
Para la diferenciacion en grupos, se consideraron los siguientes aspectos morfologicos externos: pleopodos ausentes o poco desarrollados (jovenes); pleopodos desarrollados y telson mas ancho que largo (hembras); pleopodos desarrollados y telson mas largo que ancho (machos) (Negreiros-Fransozo et al.
Behind the sixth abdominal segment, the telson is the posterior-most segment of the shrimp's body.
The telson became distinct and developed setae in embryos as evident in embryos stained with Bouin's solution.
It's color is yellow to yellowish green or brown, except black anterior part of carapace, chelicers, telson and fifth metasomal segment.
Limnoria tripunctata is distinguished from the other species of the genus by the possession of three bumps on the telson which are visible under a dissecting microscope.
Lysmata grabhami presents a continuous middorsal white stripe from the tip of the rostrum to the end of the telson and the outer border of the uropodal exopods is also white (Figure 1).
Sound production occurred when males lifted their telson upwards (bending toward the dorsal side).
Roberto Duif, International Channel Manager at VSN, and Alfredo Blanco, Head Project Manager at Telson, will show how VSNA[sup.