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v. tem·po·rized, tem·po·riz·ing, tem·po·riz·es
1. To act or speak in order to gain time, avoid an argument, or postpone a decision: "Colonial officials ... ordered to enforce unpopular enactments, tended to temporize, to find excuses for evasion" (J.H. Parry).
2. To act to suit current circumstances or necessities: "When an evil has sprung up within a state, the more certain remedy by far is to temporize with it" (Brian Moore).
To say or utter in temporizing.

[French temporiser, from Old French, from Medieval Latin temporizāre, to pass one's time, from Latin tempus, tempor-, time.]

tem′po·ri·za′tion (-pər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
tem′po·riz′er n.
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They have shown that both Putin and Trump are capable of making crucial decisions, with no temporization or procrastination, political analyst said.
To this Crusoe has no response except the hasty temporization that God will eventually punish the devil, which rather than settling the question simply prompts Friday to renew it, as he reasonably then wonders why God does not strike the devil down right now, before he can do any more harm.
It also pointed out some important factors such as an increase in frequency of temporization and careful justified decision of elective RCT by the dentists.
Anterior teeth and lower posterior teeth were prepared (Figure 3) and temporization was done by making an index of the mock wax up.
2012 Anna Nelson Memorial Award for Editorial Excellence Winner: "Taking Charge of Temporization: Tips on proper temporization techniques" by Mary Govoni, CDA, RDH, MBA
Coercion never produces peace, it breeds temporization to live with the wolf.
iMMEdiatE fixEd tEMporization With a natural tooth croWn pontic folloWing failurE of rEplantation, sMriti Bhargava, ritu naMdEv, saMir dutta, raJkuMar tiWari, contEMporary clinical dEntistry / Jul-sEpt 2011/vol2/issuE3
The monitoring system activates a temporization if a threshold is crossed during more than 0.
But in the form in which it affects us most acutely, in 2012, the temporization of research--by which I mean its improvisation, its deferral, and its truncative presentism or "trimming," all at once--might be said to derive from the scale of science applied in the second and final great war, the one that generated the episteme indexed by Harold Innis' apothegm "The interest in post-war problems is the post-war problem" (1946, 56).
In the epilogue, Malabou summarizes her book as follows: 'I believe that I have shown how, from a philosophical point of view, plasticity refers both to the process of temporization at work in the heart of subjectivity (Hegel) and absolute ontological exchangeability (Heidegger) and also how, from the scientific viewpoint, plasticity characterizes a regime of systematic self-organization that is based on the ability of an organism to integrate the modifications that it experiences and to modify them in return' (61).
Emphasizing the biological rationale rather than how-to instructions, they address key clinical areas for a range of pulp and periapical conditions, and give advice on access preparations, cleaning and shaping, obturation, and temporization and restoration.
The sequencing of trajectories and events on the screen, in turn, creates a material simulacrum of reading acts, which appear as the cinematic temporization of what were topographic spaces.