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also ten·den·cious  (tĕn-dĕn′shəs)
Marked by or favoring a particular point of view; partisan: a tendentious account of the recent elections.

[From Medieval Latin tendentia, a cause; see tendency.]

ten·den′tious·ly adv.
ten·den′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.tendentiously - in a tendentious manner; "the paper reported rather tendentiously on the war atrocities"


[tenˈdenʃəslɪ] ADVde modo tendencioso


[tɛnˈdɛnʃəslɪ] advtendenziosamente
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So divorced, it means nothing but an empty word tendentiously employed to beguile or hoodwink the public.
It was simply the suppression of rebellion or the punishment of blasphemy, which was legitimate, he argued tendentiously, because openly defying God was a denial of natural justice.
Nischik develops an elementary but illuminating taxonomy of reception--reviews are positive, negative, or "neutral"-"impartial"--an examination that demonstrates that Atwood's reception in non-academic publications has been largely favourable, with The Handmaid's Tale, her most tendentiously "anti-American" and historically referential novel generating the most divided opinion, in Canada oddly rather than the U.
Their main reproach is that it selects its "clients" too tendentiously.
Maingot is sometimes overly enamored of the trope of the visionary individual--he claims, tendentiously, as an "undisputed universal fact" that "the forces of historical conjuncture create opportunities which only men and women of vision and passion take full advantage of" (p.
The state of insecurity is the ideal psychological posture for consumption, discontent leading to a search for solutions, for the things she sells, Quick Trim (composed primarily of laxatives and caffeine), Tria Laser Hair Removal System, waist trainers, and fitness videos like "Fit in Your Jeans by Friday"--all of which suggest frustrated rejection of the consumer's body rather than the acceptance and "empowerment" Kim so tendentiously dwells on.
Its orientation has been tendentiously utilitarian and communitarian since the beginning.
Nevertheless, Berlinguer proposed an inversion of reasoning to understand the revolutionary potential of health, by understanding that health reform involved a set of changes within state bodies, the health field, going beyond the doctor-therapist to include preventive and environmental aspects, and the political system, comprising a tendentiously unifying, albeit decentralized, national process.
The quoted standard tendentiously places the onus on the Christians, but here's what is really being said: "You'll conform to our agenda--or we'll destroy you to the point of pennilessness.
Instead, we have to be satisfied with books of instant journalism using largely anonymous sources or memoirs too often tendentiously crafted after the fact.
The next chapter on Thomas Middleton fits tendentiously into the company of jestbooks and miscellanies, but Jeffrey Todd Knight writes convincingly of this prolific and tireless author.