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also ten·den·cious  (tĕn-dĕn′shəs)
Marked by or favoring a particular point of view; partisan: a tendentious account of the recent elections.

[From Medieval Latin tendentia, a cause; see tendency.]

ten·den′tious·ly adv.
ten·den′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.tendentiously - in a tendentious manner; "the paper reported rather tendentiously on the war atrocities"


[tenˈdenʃəslɪ] ADVde modo tendencioso


[tɛnˈdɛnʃəslɪ] advtendenziosamente
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The quoted standard tendentiously places the onus on the Christians, but here's what is really being said: "You'll conform to our agenda--or we'll destroy you to the point of pennilessness.
Instead, we have to be satisfied with books of instant journalism using largely anonymous sources or memoirs too often tendentiously crafted after the fact.
Alienation expresses the condition of man in the world; it causes the disruption of psycho-social equilibrium as the exiles are tendentiously lost in the new environment.
Maddening because its history is tendentiously distorted, yet the drama is so brilliantly conceived and executed that you almost don't care.
Its exclusion is another example of tendentiously selective history.
Is Jeb aware that he tendentiously mischaracterised J Street as having"anti-Israeli sentiments?
To incite the western countries against Muslims is really dangerous, Erdogan said, noting that the word Islam is now tendentiously used in the west in relation to terrorism, "which constitutes the most serious insult to Islam and Muslim.
Sand also has mordant things to say about the way Israel tendentiously remembers only the suffering of the Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany, indulging in a sort of moral self-aggrandizement.
Most western media outlets are covering the current grave crisis in Ukraine rather tendentiously, hushing up facts of human rights violations and, putting it baldly, crimes of the Kiev authorities against their own people," State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin told a meeting with parliamentarians from the French National Assembly in Moscow, ITAR-TASS reported.
Shockingly, the palmed-off gentry is again at it, echoing increasingly the deceptive mantra of their alien benefactors to willfully misrepresent the ongoing military operation in North Waziristan and tendentiously vilify our security establishment.
While recognizing this link--beginning his article invoking the promotional practices surrounding the serials The Adventures of Kathlyn and Edison's What Happened to Mary (1912) as early forerunners to contemporary movie novelizations--Hendrix tendentiously asserts that extra-textual materials allow an added element of freedom to the audience consuming the text, providing multiple entry points and interpretations, "turning movies from top-down commercial properties into part of the decentralized creative commons.
Even McConnell, who has tendentiously acknowledged his debt to the work of other artists, confesses to 'a desire for "breathing room