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ten·der 1

adj. ten·der·er, ten·der·est
a. Easily crushed or bruised; fragile: a tender petal.
b. Easily chewed or cut: tender beef.
2. Young and vulnerable: of tender age.
3. Frail; delicate.
4. Sensitive to frost or severe cold; not hardy: tender green shoots.
a. Easily hurt; sensitive: tender skin.
b. Painful; sore: a tender tooth.
a. Considerate and protective; solicitous: a tender mother; his tender concern.
b. Characterized by or expressing gentle emotions; loving: a tender glance; a tender ballad.
c. Given to sympathy or sentimentality; soft: a tender heart.
7. Nautical Likely to heel easily under sail; crank.
tr.v. ten·dered, ten·der·ing, ten·ders
To make tender.
A strip of meat, usually chicken, often breaded, deep-fried, and served with a sauce.

[Middle English, from Old French tendre, from Latin tener; see ten- in Indo-European roots. N., possibly short for tenderloin.]

ten′der·ly adv.
ten′der·ness n.

ten·der 2

1. A formal offer, as:
a. Law An offer to pay the amount due under a debt or obligation.
b. A written offer to contract goods or services at a specified cost or rate; a bid.
2. Something, especially money, offered in payment.
tr.v. ten·dered, ten·der·ing, ten·ders
1. To offer formally: tender a letter of resignation.
2. Law To offer (payment or performance) pursuant to an obligation.

[From French tendre, to offer, from Old French, from Latin tendere, to hold forth, extend; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

ten′der·er n.

tend·er 3

1. One who tends something: a lathe tender.
2. Nautical A vessel attendant on other vessels, especially one that ferries supplies between ship and shore.
3. A railroad car attached to the rear of a locomotive and designed to carry fuel and water.
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Noun1.tenderness - a tendency to express warm and affectionate feelingtenderness - a tendency to express warm and affectionate feeling
affectionateness, lovingness, fondness, warmth - a quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love
2.tenderness - a pain that is felt (as when the area is touched); "the best results are generally obtained by inserting the needle into the point of maximum tenderness"; "after taking a cold, rawness of the larynx and trachea come on"
chafing - soreness or irritation of the skin caused by friction
hurting, pain - a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; "the patient developed severe pain and distension"
rebound tenderness - pain felt when a hand pressing on the abdomen is suddenly released; a symptom of peritoneal inflammation
chafe - soreness and warmth caused by friction; "he had a nasty chafe on his knee"
3.tenderness - warm compassionate feelings
compassion, compassionateness - a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering
4.tenderness - a positive feeling of likingtenderness - a positive feeling of liking; "he had trouble expressing the affection he felt"; "the child won everyone's heart"; "the warmness of his welcome made us feel right at home"
feeling - the experiencing of affective and emotional states; "she had a feeling of euphoria"; "he had terrible feelings of guilt"; "I disliked him and the feeling was mutual"
attachment, fond regard - a feeling of affection for a person or an institution
protectiveness - a feeling of protective affection
regard, respect - a feeling of friendship and esteem; "she mistook his manly regard for love"; "he inspires respect"
soft spot - a sentimental affection; "she had a soft spot for her youngest son"
5.tenderness - a feeling of concern for the welfare of someone (especially someone defenseless)
concern - a feeling of sympathy for someone or something; "She felt strong concern for those less fortunate"


2. soreness, pain, sensitivity, smart, bruising, ache, aching, irritation, inflammation, rawness, sensitiveness, painfulness There is still some tenderness on her tummy.
3. succulence, softness, juiciness Protein detected is inversely proportional to the tenderness of the meat.
4. fragility, vulnerability, weakness, sensitivity, softness, feebleness, sensitiveness, frailness, delicateness the vulnerability and tenderness he brings to the role
نَعومَه، لَطافَه، طَراوَه، لين


[ˈtendənɪs] N
1. (= gentleness) [of person, kiss, smile] → ternura f
2. (= sensitivity, soreness) → dolor m
breast tendernessdolor m en el pecho
some tenderness around the area is to be expectedes de esperar que la zona duela un poco
3. (Culin) [of meat, vegetables] → lo tierno
4. (Bot) → fragilidad f


[ˈtɛndərnɪs] n
[person, words, kiss] → tendresse f
[meat] → tendreté f
(= soreness) → sensibilité f
There is still some tenderness in her stomach
BUT Le ventre lui fait encore un peu mal.; Le ventre est encore assez sensible.


(= soreness)Empfindlichkeit f
(of meat)Zartheit f
(= affection, of person, voice, look) → Zärtlichkeit f; (of heart)Güte f


[ˈtɛndənɪs] n (see adj) → tenerezza; (XXX) → sensibilità f inv


(ˈtendə) adjective
1. soft; not hard or tough. The meat is tender.
2. sore; painful when touched. His injured leg is still tender.
3. loving; gentle. She had a tender heart.
ˈtenderness noun
ˈtenderly adverb
in a loving and gentle manner. He kissed her tenderly.
ˌtender-ˈhearted adjective
kind and sympathetic; easily made to feel pity.
ˌtender-ˈheartedness noun


n. blandura; delicadeza.
1. sensibilidad, condición sensible al tacto o palpación;
2. ternura.


n dolor m (al tocar)
References in classic literature ?
My child, the troubles and temptations of your life are beginning and may be many, but you can overcome and outlive them all if you learn to feel the strength and tenderness of your Heavenly Father as you do that of your earthly one.
He was a good man, full of tenderness for everyone, and should not have tried to be a man of affairs.
At length she spoke, though her tones had lost their rich and calm fullness, in an expression of tenderness that seemed maternal.
At such moments, Hepzibah would fling out her arms, and infold Phoebe in them, and kiss her cheek as tenderly as ever her mother had; she appeared to do so by an inevitable impulse, and as if her bosom were oppressed with tenderness, of which she must needs pour out a little, in order to gain breathing-room.
But she has no great tenderness even in her best of moods, and, sooner or later -- oftener soon than late -- is apt to fling off her nestlings with a scratch of her claw, a dab of her beak, or a rankling wound from her barbed arrows.
Grose had put her finger on it: everything but a sort of passion of tenderness for him was swept away by his presence.
The long, cruel battle with misery and hunger had hardened and embittered him, but it had not changed her-- she had been the same hungry soul to the end, stretching out her arms to him, pleading with him, begging him for love and tenderness.
Clare was good-natured and self-indulgent, and sought to buy off with presents and flatteries; and when Marie became mother to a beautiful daughter, he really felt awakened, for a time, to something like tenderness.
Now that I have seen this mighty tree, vigorous with its four hundred years, I feel a desire to believe the legend for ITS sake; so I will humor the desire, and consider that the tree really watches over those poor hearts and feels a sort of human tenderness for them.
The hard lines in his aunt's face relaxed and a sud- den tenderness dawned in her eyes.
And now, when weighed down by the pains and aches of old age, when the head inclines to the feet, when the beginning and ending of human existence meet, and helpless infancy and painful old age combine to- gether--at this time, this most needful time, the time for the exercise of that tenderness and affection which children only can exercise towards a declining parent--my poor old grandmother, the devoted mother of twelve children, is left all alone, in yonder little hut, before a few dim embers.
There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart," said she afterwards to herself.