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ten·du 1

Any of several Asian ebony trees.

[Hindi tendū, from Sanskrit tainduka-, pertaining to tindukaḥ, the evergreen tree Diospyros embryopteris.]

ten·du 2

(tän-do͞o′, täN-dü′)
Relating to or being a ballet position in which a muscle or limb is stretched out: battement tendu.

[French, from past participle of tendre, to stretch, from Old French, from Latin tendere; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]


(tɑːnˈduː) ballet
(Ballet) a position in ballet
(Ballet) extended
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Cigarettes form only 15 per cent of tobacco consumption in India with bidis (crushed tobacco hand-wrapped in dry tendu leaf), chewing of tobacco and varieties of pan masala (tobacco concoctions) being consumed by the population.
Tenders are invited for Cc Road Water Supply Office Building Urinal Boundary Wall Gate And Check Post At Sub Market Yard Sehora Mandi Samiti Tendu Kheda
C'est dans le cadre du festival national des jeunes musiciens et des arts urbains qu'Al Bayane leur a tendu le micro.
Les Bulgares se sont rendus dimanche aux urnes pour renouveler leur Parlement lors d'elections legislatives anticipees, dans un climat tendu apres les soupcons de fraude massive apparus samedi et qui risquent d'exacerber les tensions dans ce pays.
La Coree du Nord a pose ses conditions hier jeudi pour une reprise du dialogue avec Seoul et Washington, exigeant notamment le retrait des sanctions de l'ONU, ce qui rend peu probable une reprise des negociations dans un contexte toujours tendu sur la peninsule.
The local tribal communities of Madias, Oraon, Gonds and Pradhan rely on the forest for employment in timber harvesting, tendu leaf collection for beedi manufacture, and collection of Mahua flowers and honey.
The Forest department has authorized the Primary Forest Produce Procurement Societies in the collection the Tendu leaves done by forest-dwelling communities.
THE Voluntary Health Association of India ( VHAI) has stated in a report that the people employed in the tobacco industry a" farmers, tendu leaf pluckers or bidi rollers a" earn little and face many occupational hazards and health risks.
Finally if you just want something simple and traditional that will last throughout the trends you can't go wrong with the Tendu sofa.
TIMELESS TAN: The Tendu, below, is traditional and will see you through the trends LOOKING GOOD: Leather works well in any room setting MODERN/VINTAGE: For contemporary styling try the De Sede, above.
Mais, dans un climat tendu, la campagne referendaire s'etait achevee vendredi, apres plusieurs jours d'interdiction des rassemblements publics et des violences meurtrieres qui ont ravive dans l'opinion le spectre des episodes de guerre civile entre 1993 a 2003.
Going POLYTRACK: STANDARD Weather Fine, warm Wind Fresh, half behind STAR PERFORMER Tendu (6.