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Noun1.Tenement house - a run-down apartment house barely meeting minimal standardstenement house - a run-down apartment house barely meeting minimal standards
apartment building, apartment house - a building that is divided into apartments
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Under the gateway of the extremely ugly tenement house, which hides the Pavilion and the garden from the street, the wife of the porter was waiting with her arms akimbo.
The view of ships lying moored in some of the older docks of London has always suggested to my mind the image of a flock of swans kept in the flooded backyard of grim tenement houses.
It is a troublesome rent to collect, but on the other hand there is no expenditure for repairs or sanitation, which are not considered necessary in tenement houses.
In rapid succession we passed through the fringe of fashionable London, hotel London, theatrical London, literary London, commercial London, and, finally, maritime London, till we came to a riverside city of a hundred thousand souls, where the tenement houses swelter and reek with the outcasts of Europe.
The choice of Gilder makes some sense as he was a key architect of the tenement house reform movement.
The text is still filled with such outdated phrases as telegraph office and tenement house.
Others proposed to increase supply by modifying the Tenement House Act of 1901 to make converting single-family houses into apartments cheaper.
Os am hanes un wraig yn arbennig, mae Tenement House ar agor i''r cyhoedd.
Next stop was the Tenement House which provides a rare glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early 20th Century in the faithfully restored four-room house lived in by Miss Agnes Toward for over half a century.
The Harrison Bliss Tenement House at 34 Old Lincoln St.
Born in a tenement house in Liverpool 3 on May 1, 1935, boxing was in Joe's blood.
The setting was a sort of cross-section of a beat-up, scaffolded, tenement house - once, no doubt, very beautiful, but as we see it in 1970s apartheid dominated Soweto, (where director Christine Crouse has set the production) it is merely a memory of what once was- an element of decay which runs through DuBose Heyward's original novel: "Porgy" which inspired Gershwin in the first place.