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1. An instrument for measuring tensile strength.
2. An instrument used to measure the surface tension of a liquid.

ten′si·o·met′ric (-ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
ten′si·om′e·try n.


(General Physics) relating to the measurement of tension
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Main features: the market is: - the supply and installation of sensors and tensiometric gsm relay terminals; - the management of tensiometric probes and relays GSM terminals, monitoring and transmission of data tensiometry and the establishment of an annual report; - withdrawal end monitoring equipment
The testing of muscle force was measured under isometric conditions of muscle contraction with a Tensiometric Dynamometer (IMADA Z2H-1100-Japan) consisting of special cells ranging to 5000 N and with the sensitivity of 1.
Morgan KT, Parsons LR, Wheaton TA (2001) Comparison of laboratory-and field-derived soil water retention curves for a fine sand soil using tensiometric, resistance and capacitance methods.
AD7730 circuit is specialized for the conversion of analog signal received from the tensiometric mark PW6CC3MR.