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Provided with or having tentacles.
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Adj.1.tentacled - having tentacles
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AN invasion by slimy, tentacled monsters that walk out of the dark depths of the ocean has long been the stuff of nightmares.
In the shadowy depths of the ocean tentacled creatures roam through a monochromatic world.
The firm also installed the breathtaking dragon on the banks of Caerphilly Castle, complete with black and red scales and smoke-flaring nostrils, and managed to bringLondon traffic to a standstill with some gruesome tentacled aliens from Independence Day.
Made by Cardiff-based Wild Creations and tied to the backs of heavy-duty military trucks, the tentacled creatures were shipped from South Wales at 5am to avoid detection.
Octopus is having a moment, and (mostly) Mediterranean eateries are adding the tentacled sea creatures to their appetizer options.
Ditching the found-footage angle and most of the big action setpieces, the follow-up gets its chills not from towering, tentacled beasts but a growing, insidious sense of suspicion and mistrust.
Unlike the majority of snakes which lay eggs, tentacled snakes are an aquatic species that produce eggs inside their body during pregnancy.
They weren't, they were just three scared and tired children, but the hysteria of the migrant crisis reporting at the moment would have made you think they were incubating some kind of slithering, tentacled aliens with acid for saliva.
An Australian schoolboy who discovered a new species of jellyfish in a Queensland canal has had the tentacled creature named in his honour, scientists said.
Teach", a mysterious, tentacled thing, has threatened the Earth with annihilation at the end of one year, and his superior speed and alien(?
The unlikely heroes join forces to defeat their tentacled arch-nemesis, but this collaboration will amount to nothing unless Skipper allows Private to discover the hero within.
These include an equitable curiosity about bodies of all sorts (male and female, backboned, tentacled, armor-plated), and showing readers how science is done in real life.