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n. pl. ten·u·es (-yo͞o-ēz′) Linguistics
1. A voiceless stop.
2. A voiceless unaspirated stop in ancient Greek.

[New Latin (translation of Greek psīlos), from Latin, thin; see tenuous.]


n, pl tenues (ˈtɛnjʊˌiːz)
(Grammar) (in the grammar of classical Greek) any of the voiceless stops as represented by kappa, pi, or tau (k, p, t)
[C17: from Latin: thin]


(ˈtɛn yu ɪs)

n., pl. -u•es (-yuˌiz)
an unaspirated voiceless stop, esp. in ancient Greek.
[1640–50; < Latin: thin, fine, slender]
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This mode of burrowing has been described for several bivalves, including Donax vittatus, Tellina tenuis, Macoma balthica, Cardium edule (Trueman et al.
In the estuarine areas it can be confused with small Topsmelt, Jacksmelt, Atherinopsis californiensis, and California Grunion, Leuresthes tenuis.
contenta was very abundant while Pinnularia obscura and Diatoma tenuis were common in site K.
Hanergy Solar was indeed the customer and that the tool order related specifically to its modular designed, second generation TENUIS II platform used for buffer layer deposition.
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While P tenuis has not been documented in Montana, detection of infected white-tailed deer in western North Dakota suggest the possibility of intermittent spread into portions of Montana (Maskey 2008).
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