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 (tē′pəl, tĕp′əl)
A segment of the perianth of a flower in which the calyx and corolla (which make up the perianth) are nearly indistinguishable, as in tulips or lilies. The tepals are equivalent to the petals and sepals.

[French tépale, alteration (influenced by sépale, sepal) of pétale, petal, from New Latin petalum; see petal.]


(ˈtiːpəl; ˈtɛpəl)
(Botany) any of the subdivisions of a perianth that is not clearly differentiated into calyx and corolla
[C20: from French tépale changed (on analogy with sépale sepal) from pétale petal]


(ˈti pəl, ˈtɛp əl)

one of the divisions of a flower perianth, esp. one that is not clearly differentiated into petals and sepals, as in lilies and tulips.
[< French tépale (1827), alter. of pétale petal, on the model of sépale sepal]
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Noun1.tepal - an undifferentiated part of a perianth that cannot be distinguished as a sepal or a petal (as in lilies and tulips)
plant part, plant structure - any part of a plant or fungus
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