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1. Moderately warm; lukewarm.
2. Lacking in emotional warmth or enthusiasm; halfhearted: "the tepid conservatism of the fifties" (Irving Howe).

[Middle English, from Latin tepidus, from tepēre, to be lukewarm.]

te·pid′i·ty, tep′id·ness n.
tep′id·ly adv.


a moderate warmth; lukewarmness. — tepid, adj.
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Noun1.tepidity - a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin
warmness, warmth - the quality of having a moderate degree of heat; "an agreeable warmth in the house"
فُتور الماء أو فُتور العَواطِف
volgra; deyfî
ılık/gönülsüz olma hâli


[teˈpɪdɪtɪ] tepidness [ˈtepɪdnɪs] Ntibieza f


, tepidness
n (lit, fig)Lauheit f


(ˈtepid) adjective
1. slightly or only just warm; lukewarm. tepid water.
2. not very enthusiastic. a tepid welcome.
ˈtepidly adverb
ˈtepidness noun
teˈpidity noun
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the tepidity of his own faith with the "vein of ecstasy" of
Venture capitalist Justin Caldbeck faced allegations of harassing behaviour, and when he offered an unimpressive denial, companies funded by his firm banded together to condemn his tepidity.
Though life insurance has higher penetration in India, than motor, health or other lines of general insurance business - its profits took a hit with the overall tepidity in the equity markets and lower consumer demand.
to be a new form of tepid exaltation--the tepidity itself the source of the excitement.
Observer Arsim Zekoli in Utrinski vesnik comments that the meeting in Brussels is an event which is nc even close to dramatic not fatal as one wants or imagines it to be, and it is totally predictable outcome of tepidity, determined by the modesty of the direct participants.