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also ter·rain  (tə-rān′, tĕr′ān)
1. A series of related rock formations.
2. An area having a preponderance of a particular rock or rock groups.

[Alteration of terrain.]


(ˈtɛreɪn) or


1. (Geological Science) a series of rock formations, esp one having a prevalent type of rock
2. (Geological Science) an allochthonous, fault-bounded section of the earth's crust
[C19: see terrain]


or ter•rain

(təˈreɪn, ˈtɛr eɪn)

a distinctive geologic formation or group of rocks or the area in which such features occur.
[1815–25; sp. variant of terrain]
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Exploration by trenching and sampling is an important, cost-effective method for identification of drill targets in saprolite terrane.
The new information addresses long-standing issues of correlation, relationships among the basins in which these sequences were deposited, basin symmetry or asymmetry, and the role of the Miramichi terrane as a sediment source.
Lithologic units of KIA are further subdivided in to northern, central and southern terrane.
Hannan-Micangshan terrane, Foping dome, Shennongjia-Huangling terrane, as well as Wudang dome, located at the southwest, northwest, southeast, and northeast of the Bashan arc fault belt respectively (Fig.
Since the early work in this sector of the Andes (Ramos, 1988) it is accepted that the Palaeozoic basement rocks were part of two continents, Chilenia terrane and Gondwana, located to the west and east respectively.
For a start some of the rocks in this region belong to a sedimentary sequence known as the Longford-Down Terrane.
In figure 4 has been shown an anticline that according dips and strikes limbes, the axis of it shows E-W trend, it is in disrupted terrane, and figure 5 has been shown its diagram.
The researchers believe this mechanism might have played a major role in crustal thickening and proto-plateau uplift during the early stage of continental and terrane collisions in Tibet, which laid the condition for other mechanisms, such as crustal flow, to kick in during late Cenozoic plateau propagation.
The Peter Lake Property (the 'Property') consists of 24 claims totalling 1403 Ha located in the Mont-Laurier Terrane, in the Central Grenville Province, Quebec.
The property is situated in the Quesnel Terrane, and the exploration target is an Alkalic copper-gold porphyry deposit.
Mining company Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc (NYSE:TC) said on Friday that it has entered into supplemental indentures with its wholly-owned subsidiary Terrane Metals Corp and Computershare Trust Company of Canada, as warrant agent, to confirm the effect of the company's acquisition of Terrane on the common stock purchase warrants issued by Terrane in 2007 and 2010 which are still outstanding.